Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2011) – Carnage of Krell, Kidnapped, and Slaves of the Republic

“Our actions define our legacy.”

The story arc of Jedi Master Krell (Dave Dennoy) comes to a conclusion this week with this episode penned by Matt Michnovetz. It originally aired on 18 November, 2011.

Captain Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) and the rest of the 501st are shocked at Krell’s orders to execute Fives (Baker) and Jesse (also Baker) for their insubordination. Tension is high amongst the clone troopers, and it is about to get so much worse. Krell orders a new offensive.

And the reveal halfway through is horrifying. Krell’s complete disregard for the clones is demonstrated, and urges the clones to a final action… against him.

The story arc continues to draw up questions about the morals and ethics that come from following orders, and what it means to be a good soldier. This is smart television, don’t be fooled by the animated trappings.

Character-wise it’s a great episode for some of the clone characters we’ve grown to know, Rex, Fives, Waxer, and the story doesn’t pull back from putting them through the wringer.

This conclusion to a four episode tale is well thought out, and perfectly executed, and it shows not only the growth of the series, but the characters within it.


“Where we are going always reflects where we came from.”

Kidnapped was written by Henry Gilroy and Steven Melching and originally debuted on 25 November, 2011.

It seems the Separatist forces are in support of slavery, and members of Ahsoka Tano’s (Ashley Eckstein) own species, the Torguta, are being captured by Zygerrian slavers. Anakin Skywalker (Matt Lanter) and Ahsoka handle one end of the assignment of putting a stop to the slavers, and defusing a series of bombs, while Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) takes on the Zygerrian leader, Darts D’Nar (Nick Jameson).

The bombs have been planted by D’Nar and his battle droids to hold the planet hostage, and make the Republic accept his terms. Ahsoka, and Anakin, who is having a tough time with the slavers, considering his personal history, is determined to make this one a win.

Obi-Wan takes D’Nar on in hand to hand combat to keep Darts distracted, but the Jedi may have his hands full.

And while our heroes may win the day, they are stunned by the reveal that all of the inhabitants of the planet they went to see are already gone. Captured, and ready to be sold into slavery…


“Those who enslave others inevitably become slaves themselves.”

Gilroy and Melching pen the second part of the slaver story arc as it continues in Slaves of the Republic. First airing on 2 December, 2011, the story continues with Ahsoka and Anakin travelling to Zygerria.

There they pose as slavers, with Kenobi and Rex as their prisoners.  Their intention is to find the missing Torguta colonists and set them free, as well as any others they can find.

It ends darkly though, when Anakin’s cover is blown, and a lightsaber battle ends poorly for our heroes, leaving them in the hands of Queen Miraj (Rajia Baroudi), who seems to be taking a special interest in Anakin.

There’s a nice nod to Return of the Jedi, with Artoo storing not one, but up to three separate lightsabers to be ejected at dramatic moments in a battle. It was cool, but I had no idea he had so much empty space inside him.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see how the slaver arc plays out, and hope the villains get their just desserts when The Clone Wars. And remember the Force will be with you…



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