Beverly Hills Cop: 3 Movie Collection – Blu-Ray Review

Axel Foley as brought to the screen by Eddie Murphy just celebrated the 35th Anniversary of the release of the original Beverly Hills Cop. And what better way to celebrate than with an all new blu-ray edition of all three films from Paramount Canada?

One of the best fish out of water, and action comedies to come out of the 80s, Murphy’s Foley is a Detroit cop who heads to Beverly Hills to find the killer who murdered his friend, and finds a whole lot more than he expected as he clashes and works with the local cops, and tries to understand the California mindset.

The movie is pure joy, and is Murphy at the top of his game. He’s brilliant, able to balance the action and the comedy perfectly, his improvisation on the set made for some iconic moments, and the film still entertains today.

Featuring a Grammy winning soundtrack, the action and laughs keep on coming, and with this new edition, there are new features to be explored in the extras, including, YES PLEASE, an isolated music score featuring Harold Faltermeyer’s synths. LOVE IT!


There are also new interviews, or rather a new featurette with recovered interviews, and some deleted scenes. The disc also includes the original bonus features from previous releases.

The package also includes Tony Scott’s follow up, as well as John Landis’ less than stellar third entry in the series. And that leads to my only disappointment in this release (well other than how dismal III is), there are no extras on the sequels, not even the original DVD special features. That’s a little sad.

Still, the transfer looks great, the sound is wonderful, transporting me right back to the first time I saw the film, and I still laugh my ass off. This was my Eddie Murphy.

Everything about the first and second film totally works for me. Brest brings a gritty laugh-filled action flick with a great comedic talent to the screen, and Tony Scott brought his signature style of saturated colours, and slick pacing to the sequel.

One wonders if we’ll ever learn what completely happened with the third film. Was it just because Murphy wanted to make the character more dramatic, and less comedic? Was the relationship between Murphy and Landis (who had worked together on Trading Places) still strained? Or was the script so horrible that neither talent could save it?

Doesn’t matter, and it definitely shouldn’t overshadow this celebratory release of the original film in this trilogy pack. It’s such a fantastic and enjoyable film, one that came along at just the right time in my life, and helped influence my tastes and love of movies.

The Beverly Hills Cop 3 Movie Collection is available from Paramount Canada today on blu-ray.



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