Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2011) – Witches of the Mist, Overlords, and Altar of Mortis

“The path to evil may bring great power, but not loyalty.”

Katie Lucas continues with the Dathomir/Nightsisters arc that is proving to be so epic, and so essentially Star Wars in the episode Witches of the Mist, which first aired on 21 January, 2011.

While Count Dooku (Corey Burton) works to train and use his new apprentice, the Zabrak Savage Opress (Clancy Brown), Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) and Anakin Skywalker (Matt Lanter) travel to Dathomir to learn more about this dangerous new threat.

A threat that is all part of Asajj Ventress’ (Nika Futterman) to exact revenge on Dooku for his attempted assassination of her.

After a devastating three-way battle that sees both Ventress and Dooku betraying him, as well as an encounter with Kenobi and Skywalker, Savage returns, injured to Dathomir, where the series does something no one was expecting.

It reveals that only does Savage have a brother who can train him, should Opress be able to find him, but his brother is in fact someone we thought was long dead, Darth Maul.

It’s a great moment, and brings back one of the best (and underused – because of his untimely demise) characters of the Prequel Trilogy.

Opress has a whole new arc starting now as he starts the search for his brother, and this is no doubt going to cause some serious problems for our Jedi friends.


“Balance is found in the one who faces his guilt.”

Overlords was written by Christian Taylor and first aired on 28 January, 2011. And the shakeups and reveals on the series continue to play out, as Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) are drawn to a remote world via a strange gateway artefact. There they will learn if Skywalker really is the Chosen One.

The world is Mortis, and there all three Jedi have visions that directly relate to whether or not Anakin can and will be balance to the Force and sets up a whole new, fascinating arc for the series. These visions are provided by three powerful beings, Father (Lloyd Sherr), Daughter (Adrienne Wilkinson) and Son (Sam Witwer) and through moments, and musical cues, hints at what is to come for Anakin.

It also sees Liam Neeson returning as Qui-Gonn Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Master!

The series is proving that it’s not a kids show at all, and a fascinating addition to Star Wars canon, expanding on everything in new and fantastic ways that help to layer the galaxy out.


“He who surrenders hope, surrenders life.”

The final episode this week, Altar of Mortis was written by Christian Taylor and debuted on 4 February, 2011.

Our heroic trio is still on the strange world of Mortis, and before they can leave, Brother (who looks a lot like one of the Inquisitors who reveal themselves later in Rebels) infects Ahsoka with the Dark Side, forcing Master to confront Padawan while Sister informs Obi-Wan that the only way to stop Brother is with the Dagger of Mortis.

And all of this is orchestrated by Brother, including a murder attempt on Father, to turn Anakin, who they do believe is the Chosen One, to the Dark Side. The conflict is real, and the pain Anakin endures facing off against his Padawan is true to the character, he’s grown to care deeply for Ahsoka, and in this turn to the Dark Side, he sees all the horrors that could be committed.

In the end they best Brother, at least for now, and Ahsoka is restored. But will they find away off of Mortis?

The adventures continue next week as I battle through The Clone Wars!

May the Force be with you…





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