Moonlighting (1987/1988) – Father Knows Last, and Los Dos Dipestos

Will Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) and David (Bruce Willis) share a scene together this week? Let’s find out!

First up is Father Knows Last, written by Kerry Ehrin, this episode first aired on 15 December, 1987.

While Maddie deals with morning sickness, the Blue Moon Detective Agency is on the verge of being shut down, it’s furniture is being repossessed and nobody has been paid.

Maddie’s father (Robert Webber) arrives in town to meet with David to see if differences can be sorted out, there’s arguments and problems on both sides, but eventually ends up footing the bill to keep the detective agency open.

And of course you know what that means, we’re seven episodes into the fourth season, and we haven’t seen our leads on screen together as themselves (not including the dream sequence from the first episode) since last season. There’s also a lack of cases being solved.

What it does have is some nice character work by Willis as Addison and Allyce Beasley as Agnes, and they have a great dynamic together as she lays things out for him plain and simple in one of the season’s best moments.

There are also some nice moments between Webber and Addison, but there is a lack of interaction between David and Maddie, and with the Blue Moon’s furniture repossessed and no employees, well there’s a serious lack of mysteries to be solved as well

This is really not the Moonlighting that first hooked viewers, and while character exploration is fun and important, they’ve drifted a long way from what made the show fun.

moonlighting father

Los Dos Dipestos was written by Doug Steinberg and first aired on 5 January, 1988. The story sees Agnes and Bert (Curt Armstrong) take on a case involving Agnes’ mom (Imogene Coca).

It seems she’s mistakenly smuggled valuable stones in from Mexico, and the real criminal wants them back. And since David and Maddie aren’t around to work on cases, this supporting pair, played wonderfully, and it’s great to see them shine, get to take it on.

It also gives a solid delivery on some wonderful banter as their relationship seems to start and stop, as they try to figure out how to solve the case, get along, and sort their feelings out while Agnes deals with the idea that her mother may be staying in town once this little problem is solved – you know, after the requisite chase.

The series continues next week, whether that means Blue Moon works on a case or David and Maddie share some screen time together, I’ll just have to wait and see as I work my way through Moonlighting.




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