Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010) – The Academy, Assassin, and ARC Troopers

“Those who enforce the law must obey the law.”

The Mandalore corruption storyline continues in this episode written by Katie Lucas and Steven Melching. First airing on 15 October, 2010, the episode sees Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) travelling to Mandalore to serve as a tutor at one of the leadership academies.

While she’s there, she and some of the students discover a conspiracy involving a black market and food supplies.

The thread of corruption that weaves through the governing body of Mandalore is slowly being tugged free, but no one is going to like where it leads to, and it will be up to the younger generation to prove that they can rule justly and free of the greed that those in power have succumbed to.

The villains are also quite happy to rationalise their actions, even as Ahsoka and the students try to find a way to reveal the corrupt and release the arrested Duchess Satine (Anna Graves).

It’s a different kind of episode, a little educational, for the series, posing some important ideas, but still embracing the action beats that so define Star Wars. And it’s always a delight to see how Ahsoka is growing as a character.


“The future has many paths – choose wisely.”

Assassin was written by Katie Lucas, and aired on 22 October, 2010.

Ahsoka has been having visions involving the bounty hunter Aurra Sing (Jaime King), and believes she poses a threat to Senator Padme Amidala (Catherine Taber). Consequently, the Jedi Padawan travels with the senator to Alderaan.

Two solid Ahsoka stories back to back, and both are different types of episodes.

Is Ahsoka right about her visions? She wants to do what is right, but you can tell that the pressures of fearing they are right, and protecting Padme and wondering if she’s interpreting them correctly are piling up on her. It’s a pretty good characterisation for an animated character, and you can tell that she truly does fir in the Star Wars universe.

And who hired Aurra to assassinate Padme? The answer leads back to events previous in the season, and a character we haven’t heard from in a while… Continuity, you have to love it.

And that is something that not only applies to the stories, but the visual look of the show, its sets and its characters. It continues to look better and better, and always looks like Star Wars.


“Fighting a war tests a soldier’s skill, defending his home tests a soldier’s heart.”

ARC Troopers aired earlier in the third season, 17 September, 2010, but fits here in the Clone Wars timeline. It was written by Cameron Litvack and sees Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) and Anakin Skywalker (Matt Lanter) racing to Tipoca City on Kamino (where the clones are created) as General Grievous (Matthew Wood) and Asajj Ventress (Nika Futterman) launch an attack on the planet, hoping to wipe out the Republic’s supply of soldiers.

The clone troopers on Kamino are no longer fighting just for themselves, they are fighting to survive the only home they have ever had.

This episode introduces us to aqua-battle-droids, as Obi-Wan and Anakin lead different fronts on the battle as the clones fight to hold their home. There is a nice sense of continuity when the clone soldiers, Echo and Fives (Dee Bradley Baker) see 99, and he remembers them, and asks after their fallen comrades calling us back to events in earlier episodes.

And with both Grievous and Ventress there on one side, and Obi-Wan and Anakin on the other, you know there are going to be some lightsabers clashing, as the clones fight to victory, saving their home, and their fellows, young and old, but not without a price.

The battle continues next week as I dive into another trio of episodes as I watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars. May the Force be with you…



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