Moonlighting (1987) – I Am Curious… Maddie, and To Heiress Human

Things heat up between Maddie (Cybill Shepherd), David (Bruce Willis) and Sam (Mark Harmon) this week in the penultimate episode of the third season, I am Curious… Maddie. Written by series creator Glenn Gordon Caron and Jeff Reno from a story by Ron Osborn, Karen Hall, Roger Director and Charles H. Eglee, this episode debuted on 31 March, 1987.

Tensions are brewing as Sam’s proposal to Maddie hangs in the air, and David wrestles with his feelings, before going head to head with Sam.

The episode once again has a meta opening as we get a MovieTone Newsreel complaining about the lack of new episodes, and then wondering if viewers will remember what happened, of course they will…

As everyone tries to sort out what is going on, and how they feel, and what they should do, the episode indulges in its characters and the drama between them instead of a case to be worked on.

And while it’s nice to see the way the characters have developed and interact with one another, you also know the will they/won’t they isn’t going to last forever, and if they do, the show won’t ever be the same, and will undoubtedly go down hill. Guess which way they go?

The episode does have some nice patter with Agnes (Allyce Beasley) and Bert (Curtis Armstrong). It’s also great to see Willis play David as wallowing in his grief, frustration and feelings for Maddie, but that doesn’t mean I wanted them to get together.

It was always better to watch the banter, and the dance, the dialogue, the simmering tension, once it gets past that, the interest in watching the characters is diminished.


To Heiress Human aired on 5 May, 1987 (over a month later, good lord!), and the shark has now been jumped.

Written by Kerry Ehrin, this episode picks up on the morning after David and Maddie have slept together, but are now in different head spaces about it. Meanwhile a case walks into Blue Moon Detective Agency with a rich heiress (Ann Hearn) who wants to hire the company to learn whether her boyfriend loves her, or is only after her money.

The case, of course, reflects a little of what David and Maddie are going through, and gives them another perspective. Through it all, however, Maddie is adamant that they make a pact that it never happened, something David doesn’t agree with.

And honestly, it’s like they thought they could could try and put the genie back in the bottle after giving viewers what they think they wanted.

Season four starts next week and we’ll see how the rest of the series attempts to play out with the new dynamic and the revolving door of cases for Moonlighting.


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