Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010) – R2 Come Home, Lethal Trackdown, and Corruption

“Adversity is friendship’s truest test.”

R2 Come Home first aired on 24 April, 2010. It was written by Eoghan Mahoney and continues the Boba Fett (Daniel Logan) arc introduced in the previous episode.

Anakin Skywalker (Matt Lanter) and Mace Windu (Terrence Carson) are off to rescue the crew of a downed Republic Cruiser (caused by Fett in the previus episode), and find themselves walking into a trap sett by the young Fett, and his bounty hunter associates, and trainers.

The dangerous young man is still aiming to take revenge on Mace, an this may be his opportunity to do it.

There’s some nice continuity, the Slave I is there, Bossk (Dee Bradly Baker) is at Fett’s side as is Aurra Sing (Jaime King).

It will be up to the astromech R2-D2 to get the call for help out to the Jedi, but will he succeed? Will he also be able to deal with the bounty hunters as they close in on their trapped target?

Artoo kind of pulls a bit of a Home Alone on the assassins, as he works to protect is master and friend. And honestly, Artoo has always been one of my favorite characters so its cool to see him get a chance in the spotlight to play the hero.


“Insignificant problems, left unchecked, often become significant problems.”

Lethal Trackdown closes out the second season of The Clone Wars. Written by Dave Filoni and Drew Z. Greenberg, the season finale aired on 1 May, 2010.

Fett and Sing are sill determined to get Mace in their clutches and resort to taking hostages to do it. Unfortunately, Anakin and Windu are still recovering from their injuries in the previous episode.

So Plo Koon (James Arnold Taylor) and Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) set off after the bounty hunters.

The episode has lots going on, even as Plo Koon attempts to impart some patience on Anakin’s padawan, Ahsoka. It sees the return of Hondo Ohnaka (Jim Cummings).

Fett is forced to examine whether justice or revenge is ore important, even as lightsabers flare and blasters fire.

It’s a smart episode and also sees that Fett has a morality that his associates do not. Which may not tie in with the character we know, or think we do, but it does fill his character out in an unexpected way.

We know Aurra survives the day because of the events of Solo, but it’s fun to see her and Ahsoka squaring off as the young jedi races to rescue the hostages from the vicious bounty hunter.


“The challenge of hope is to overcome corruption.”

We jump ahead into the third season to maintain the chronology of the storyline, and jump into Corruption, an episode that was written by Cameron Litvack and first debuted on 13 November, 2010.

Senator Padme Amidala (Catherine Taber) travels to Mandalore on a diplomatic mission to aid Duchess Satine (Anna Graves), who has had some problems since her planet has elected to remain neutral in the Clone War conflict.

But soon the pair find themselves investigating a mysterious illness that is plaguing one of the planet’s schools.

Who can they trust when people can be bought off at all levels of government? And he ruling class also feel the same way about the Republic’s perceived interference by sending Amidala to Mandalore.

I like seeing Amidala and Satine working together, and more importanly, I love that the Duchess has made another appearance in the series, even if she and Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) don’ share any scenes in this one.

The battle continue next week as I travel to a galaxy far, far away for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

May the Force be with you…

… Always.



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