Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010) – The Deserter, Lightsaber Lost, and The Mandalore Plot

“It is the quest for honor that makes one honorable.”

The Deserter is a different kind of clone story. It was written by Drew Z. Greenberg and debuted on 1 January, 2010.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) and part of the 501st are hunting down General Greivous (Matthew Wood), but when one of the clones, the ever reliable Captain Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) is injured the clones (all Baker) are forced to take cover in a farmhouse.

A farmhouse overseen by a familiar face, their own. A clone deserter.

It shows that they could chose to lead a different life, that they don’t have to fight, even though that is was the clones were bred for. And that they can have familes. In essence they can grow beyond their programming.

And what will Rex’s reaction be to a clone turned farmer with the name of Cut Lawquane? And what happens when the war comes to Lawquane’s homestead (in an almost zombie like assault by commando droids)?

While all of this is going on, Kenobi confronts Grievous yet again, and lightsabers clash.

Season Two is showing that the great episodes of Season One were not a fluke, but in fact the standard, and the episode is a great ride, while also raising important questions about one’s existence.


“Easy isn’t always simple.”

Greenberg also wrote Lightsaber Lost, that puts Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) front and center in a fun story that sees the young Padawan’s saber being stolen from her. A little ashamed to admit that a thief got the better of her, she sets off to recover her weapon on the lower levels of Coruscant.

This episode first aired on 22 January, 2010, and while a bit of a simple plot, the episode layers out Ahsoka’s growing character nicely.

She finds help in the most unusual of places, with a seemingly elderly, and eccentric Jedi Master, Tera Sinube (Greg Baldwin). But he may be of more assistance than she realizes, and it ends up being a good pairing of characters.

And it’s also nice to see another Jedi imparting wisdom to the young padawan, while also letting her out on Coruscant on a bit of an adventure that eventually sees her recovering her blade, even as the trail piles up with those who will kill for it.

She learns an important lesson on the way, and Sinube doesn’t beat her over the head with it.


“If you ignore the past, you jeopardize your future.”

The Mandalore Plot gives Obi-Wan a whole new arc, and it begins with this episode written by Melinda Hsu Taylor. The story began on 29 January, 2010.

Obi-Wan Kenobi heads to the planet Mandalore to confer with Duchess Satine (Anna Graves) who heads a Council of Neutral Systems. Unfortunately, despite her planet’s claims, it may not be so peaceful and willing to stay out of the fight as a dangerous group Death Watch may be experiencing a resurgence on the planet.

There’s a nice chemistry between Satine and Kenobi and one wonders… and ther is also the revelation that the pair of a bit of history together.

We also see what happens when Kenobi and Satine encounter Death Watch, and some of the weapons they carry, a blade that can deal with a lightsaber!

And though they survive their first encounter, Satine is now in a position where she may have to choose sides, something she won’t thank Kenobi for, no matter their history, or how much they care for one another.

The Mandalore story arc continues next week as I delve deeper into The Clone Wars and visit that galaxy far, far away.




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