War of the Worlds (1990) – Totally Real, and Max

Debi (Rachel Blanchard) gets another shot at the limelight with Totally Real, an episode written by Jim Trombetta which first aired on 23 April, 1990.

While the production value again skirts the noir/apocalypse and the ‘classy’ future look, young Debi finds herself enjoying a fight simulator hologram that was created by the morthren to study human creativity.

Mana (Catherine Disher), Malzor (Denis Forest), Ardix (Julian Richings) oversee the product, and devide to skew their testing to a younger age group, i.e. Rachel. It’s set up as a career testing expo and Debi seems primed for it.

All this happens while Harrison (Jared Martin), and Suzanne (Lynda Mason Green) work on the recovered drone from the previous episode.

Watch for Colm Feore as the aliens’ unknowing human representative, who isn’t above child abduction to get his pay, and prove his point. Who may have gotten more than he bargained for when Debi not only proves herself in the game, but Team Blackwood comes after him with a vengeance to reclaim her.

The game concept is pretty interesting, though poorly executed, and one has to wonder if Malzor and the rest will see a connection between Debi and all the trouble the Blackwood Team has caused them over the past couple of years.

There are some solid ideas at work in the story, but the pacing, and execution don’t seem to be as tight as they could be. The fight, and action sequences could have been better choreographed to give the episode a stronger feel.

But as this point, the series is so close to be done, I guess that won’t happen.


Max is a Kincaid (Adrian Paul) story written by Naomi Janzen. It debuted on 30 April, 1990.

We’ve heard mention of Kincaid’s brother, Max (Micheal Welden) before this, and know that he disappeared right before Kincaid joined up with Blackwood and company. But deep within an alien base, he’s been imprisoned, and changed.

We know that this isn’t going to work out well though. It seems the morthren have cloned Max, and crafted him with a single purpose, with augmented abilities and physicality, to kill Kincaid. He’s like a Kincaid terminator (in fact there are a number of moments that seem to have been lifted from the original 1984 ilm), receiving updated directives from Mana and Malzor as the episode progresses.

We also get lots of flashbacks to fill out the Kincaid brother history, and backstory. Meanwhile Suzanne and Harrison are getting a runaround from the military (which seems to have sprung into existence again – and living in better conditions than everyone else).

Next week we come to the conclusion with the final two episodes in War of the Worlds: The Complete Series on DVD from Paramount Canada.

Who’s going to win? Earth or the morthren? Let’s find out next week!!


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