War of the Worlds (1990) – Candle in the Night, and Video Messiah

The war rages on with this week’s installment of War of the Worlds, even as the end of the second (and final season) draws nigh. Candle in the Night was written by Carl Binder and it first aired on 8 April, 1990.

In the midst of all the horror that is the post-apocalyptic world that is Almost Tomorrow, and while the mortren seek out a malfunctioning drone that is traversing the city, Suzanne (Lynda Mason Green), Harrison (Jared Martin), and Kincaid (Adrian Paul) want to bring a little joy to Debi’s (Rachel Blanchard) life, by throwing her a surprise birthday party.

It’s a nice episode for Debi, and gives her a bit of a chance to shine, something she wasn’t able to do in the first season because of the stories, so that’s one thing good about trapping them all in Kincaid’s lair.

It also shows the team doing something that doesn’t completely involve fighting the aliens, and shows a bit of the world, and the way humanity still thrives even in this realm. In fact, the best bits involve trying to catch up with Debi’s friends (whom she only knows through vid contact), and a lead on a cake.

And of course, there’s a first crush, and a reveal about the image we present to impress one another, and how we need to be honest about it as well. It’s a nice, gentle episode.

And holy crap! There’s my friend Pat Mastroianni popping up in a scene featuring some street baseball with a very 90s haircut!


Video Messiah was penned by Norman Snider, and first aired on 16 April, 1990.

While Suzanne and Harrison are trying to hunt down an alien drone to seize control of, the morthern led by Mana (Catherine Disher) and Malzor (Denis Forest) clone a motivational speaker Van Order (Roy Thinnes) in yet another effort to take control of humanity.

It seems Van has a show he hosts on the net, and it reaches everyone through their hand hold vid boxes (they had no clue that they would be on handheld phones I guess).

This episode also suffers from the production problem again, where it looks like some of the characters are living in a post-apocalyptic world, while the rest of us live in modern-day (at least for the 90s) Toronto. It’s a visual inconsistency that causes some problems in enjoying the show.

Next week, we come to the penultimate installment of the the series as the fight continues with War of the Worlds: The Complete Series on DVD from Paramount Canada.

Join the fight!


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