Toy Story 4: The Official Guide (2019) – Ruth Amos

With Buzz, Woody and the rest of the gang returning to theaters this summer with Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 4, DK Canada thought it might help out younger viewers by releasing The Official Guide for the new film which lets us catch up with old friends, meet new ones, including Canada’s Greatest Stuntman, Duke Caboom! as well as get better glimpses of toys we’ve only heard about, like the Combat Carls.

This brightly colored kid-friendly book dances along the edge of spoilery territory as it takes us through the tale, and the characters who fill it. But it’s also filled with fun motes of trivia, and wonderful little asides culled from the Toy Story universe.

I think I get as close to Benson, the ventriloquist dummy in this book as I would like to get, this guy is legit creepy. It also gives breakdowns on characters I didn’t recognize, but some I had long forgotten.

And like Pixar movies, the details are everything. The book is a handy reference for young readers who loved the film, as well as serving as a great reading exercise. The bright colors, large font, and multitude of images make this a fun and easy read for Pixar kids everywhere.


As mentioned, the book skates close to some spoilery material, but you kinda have to when you are penning a guide to the entire film. It doesn’t give away the big things though, so don’t worry. It does hint at new toy, Forky’s motivations for his actions, which as explained in the film, are hilarious, as well as rounding out the information about all of our returning characters, including the names of Bo’s sheep, in case you’re like Woody, and don’t remember.

There are also fun little games for young readers to discover their toy sidekick, which toy they are most like, and some important life lessons that Bo has learned and shares on the pages.

Toy Story, all Pixar movies, have been aimed at everyone in the family, there is enough for adults and kids, and kids at heart a like, that being said, this book is definitely aimed more at the younger reader, and definitely put me in mind of movie programmes that some films used to issue upon release.

This book feels very much like that.

And that is meant as a compliment as I miss those magazines, and loved seeing them at the theater. See… Toy Story isn’t just about nostalgia for the toys you grew up with, or things you thought your toys got up to when you weren’t in the room, but also for youth, and things missed and longed for, and the journey you go on with in life.

If you have a young Toy Story fan in your life, treat them to this delightful collectible, and let them relive their favorite moments and hang out with their beloved friends.

Toy Story 4: The Official Guide is available now from DK Books.



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