Disney’s Cinderella: The Signature Collection

Walt Disney’s 1950’s animated classic (can you believe this film is seventy years old?) Cinderella is joining the Signature Collection with this edition of the film. The enduring tale makes a dazzling digital jump to blu-ray, and looks simply stunning. I’ve never seen the animation look so sharp, and crisp, the colors practically pop off the screen.

The classic fairy tale, a perfect vehicle for a Disney film, is told wonderfully here, with some nice additions. Yes, Cinderella is a bit of a passive character, and the story happens around her, but there’s a beauty to it, all conjured by the magic of the hand-drawn animation that brought the characters to life, the voice cast, the songs… all of it combine to make an iconic film, and a building block of Disney’s magical kingdom.

The thing I dig most about the Signature Collection is the breadth of extras that are included with the film. And here’s where I hit just a bit of a hang-up. There’s not a lot of new things here, the extras from previous editions are included here, which are pretty comprehensive, so it’s not like there was a lot of unreleased material to fill this version (though the picture is worth it in and of itself).


There are a couple of new extras, however. The first is a kid friendly featurette filled with trivia about the film, and the second is the truly enjoyable one for film buffs. It’s called In Walt’s Words, and it’s a recreation of memos, comments, meetings all reenacted with behind the scenes photos and art while the film plays – I love this!!!

These are the insights, and thought processes that bring the creation of a film to life for me, I love hearing how things came to be, how things developed, changed, or even dropped as the film takes on a life of its own.

These glimpses inside the making of one of Disney’s most iconic films allows you to see the film in an all new way, and honestly, as soon as it was over, I wanted to watch the movie all over again, seeing it with new eyes as I rediscovered it.

Some more cynical would see these re-releases as a double dip, but I am happy to argue the fact that waiting for the Signature Collection has been worth the wait and they make beautiful additions to your blu-ray library whether you’re sharing them with a family, or just a film buff.

Disney’s Cinderella: The Signature Edition is available today from Walt Disney Pictures on blu-ray.




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