War of the Worlds (1989) – Doomsday, and Terminal Rock

The increasingly dark war for the planet continues this week, as Team Blackwood, and the entire planet suffer from a heat wave, and the aliens have cut off the water supply!

Doomsday was written by Tony Di Franco and first aired on 16 October, 1989. The morthren, specifically Mana (Catherine Disher) discovers the bible, and sees it as a blueprint to control humanity, even as Kincaid (Adrian Paul) leaves the new Blackwood lair to find water for an ill Debi (Rachel Blanchard).

Julian Richings has a slowly increasing role as the morthren scientist, Ardix.

We also learn that Kincaid seems to have a bit of a rat phobia, as they sweep through the lair, and this gives the group a chance to relocate to the exact same church that the morthren are using as their testing ground to prove themselves as saviors.

While Kincaid seeks a missing child from the child (spoiler, he finds him, but it’s not good), Harrison (Jared Martin) and Suzanne (Lynda Mason Green) try to find a way to free up the water from the aliens’ strangle hold, while learning she’s a little claustrophobic.

In the church, Kincaid refuses to believe that the miracles being performed by the reverend, Thomas Solter (Kurt Reis) are not the actions of the divine, but he can’t prove it’s the aliens… yet.

Will our heroes prove the aliens are using religion to control us? Will they get the water turned back on? Will the heat wave break?

It’s a fairly solid episode, and I like how they use religion in this episode.


Terminal Rock was written by John Groves, and first debuted on 23 October, 1989.

This one looks like a little bit of a rehash of a first season episode. The aliens are taking over the music scene again, this time a punk band, using a subliminal signal that will drive those listening to their music into a violent frenzy. And Debi is a fan.

The morthren have already grabbed the lead singer of the group, and create a clone that they can control and from there they instigate a plan that didn’t work the first time around, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it doesn’t work this time either.

The b-story sees Kincaid beginning a romance with his dead brother’s girlfriend, Rosa (Shannon Lawson). He also seems to have some serious problems with sharing his space with Blackwood and company, it’s new to him.

It’s too bad that this idea was already done, but the concept wasn’t that great to begin with. Still, it’s nice to see the characters beginning to develop. n fact in a handful of episodes the characters already seem stronger and more thought out than they were in the first season.

The seemingly losing battle continues next week as I explore War of the Worlds: The Complete Series on DVD from Paramount Canada.




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