War of the Worlds (1989) – My Soul to Keep, and So Shall Ye Reap

We’re closing in on the end of Season One of War of the Worlds, and Team Blackwood isn’t giving up yet. My Soul to Keep was written by John Kubichan and originally aired on 24 April, 1989.

The morthren are having problems with their unborn children and need to commandeer a refrigeration system to preserve them, all while Suzanne’s (Lynda Mason Green) ex-husband, Cash (Micheal Parks) starts snooping around the Blackwood Project, sensing a story for his paper.

The episode also sees the return of Quinn (John Colicos). In fact it’s Quinn who puts Cash onto the story of the Blackwood Project, and he and Cash share a scene in a bathhouse, where Quinn serves as an informant on the dark side of the government by hinting at the black ops involved in the secret war with the aliens. But Cash doesn’t think they are extraterrestrial, but illegal aliens, and that colors his investigation.

Harrison (Jared Martin) and Norton (Philip Akin) are trying to decipher the latest burst of alien transmissions that seem to indicate a change in the morthren program. While Ironhorse (Richard Chaves) is trying to keep an eye on Suzanne, her ex, and her daughter Debi (Rachel Blanchard).

With Suzanne out of the picture for safety concerns that Ironhorse express about her ex, he and Harrison break into the refrigeration center to find out what is going on, and discover the alien birthing program.

But you know everything is going to come together to cause a violent climax – who will win? Will Team Blackwood stop the aliens from birthing? Will earth get a definitive win in this war? Or will the odds continue to slide into the aliens’ favor?


So Shall Ye Reap features the team going on an investigative trip to Chicago to investigate kidnappings, but keep clashing with the local law, despite their government credentials. And the aliens are working on a designer drug that will transform addicts into killers. They are grabbing people from everywhere, including some missing cops.

This episode was penned by Micheal McCormack and first debuted on 1 May, 1989.

The gore factor comes into play in this episode, and there are a number of bloody moments, as Harrison and the rest investigate hoping to resolve the situation. But hey, if we’re this close to the end of the first season, perhaps we’re building up to something big.

The episode actually features a fairly dark idea, and though the alien side of the story is fairly well executed, I wasn’t really engaged in the Team Blackwood side of things…

Next week, the War of the Worlds continues, but we come to the end of the first season, and prepare ourselves for a huge tonal shift before season two, as I explore The Complete Series on DVD, now available from Paramount Pictures.


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