Miami Vice (1988/1989) – Line of Fire, and Asian Cut

Vice detectives Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) and Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Micheal Thomas) are assigned to protect a punk and rock lover, Keith Mollis (Justin Lazard) who is the lead witness in drug dealer, Carlos Cantero’s (Ahraron Ipale) trial.

Line of Fire first aired on 16 December, 1988, and was written by Raymond Hartung. The partners seem back on track, working together, friendship reestablished, and it’s interesting to see Crockett in clothes that are little more relaxed, and less business casual, a torn jean jacket and tee.

To avoid problems, Crockett takes Keith out on Crockett’s boat, the St. Vitus Dance and work to keep the young man safe. But it seems no matter where they go, they will be found. Meanwhile Tubbs and Switek (John Talbott) are working leads to find out who knows what, how to keep Keith safe, and maybe find a way to bring Cantero down.

Will they find out what is going on in time? Will they be able to put Cantero away and keep Keith safe? And how much information is the government really giving the vice team?

You know how dark this show can be, what do you think is going to happen?

Music for this episode features Stigmata by Ministry, Madame Axe by Rugged Edge, Only the Good Die Young by Iron Maiden, and Layla by Derek and the Dominos.


Asian Cut lets Trudy (Olivia Brown) get in on some of the action. Written by Peter McCabe from a story by Robert Ward, this episode first debuted on 13 January, 1989.

When a serial killer is committing murders in Miami the Vice team gets involved as Crockett and Tubbs investigate, and use Trudy as bait. The killer focuses on prostitutes, and Castillo (Edward James Olmos) believes the murderer may be Asian because of the wounds and markings on the victim.

Mixed in with this is a photographer,  Stuart Whitley (Russell Horton) looking for a story, and a frantic father, Dyson (Steven Ryan), who is looking for his daughter, Sandy (Julie Brams), who may be turning tricks and has placed herself right in the killer’s sights.

The guest cast also includes Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and music includes “Here It Is… Take It” by That Petrol Emotion, and “Under the Milky Way” by The Church.

As a side note, I like how Trudy embodies her hooker persona, even changing her voice as she works leads to find out what is going on, and hoping to stop the killing.

The episode shows that the series can still do solid stories, though it doesn’t really feel glitzy or gritty the way earlier seasons would, nor does it have the great music as it once did. So, it’s lost a but of itself, but can still entertain.

The series continues next week, as Crockett and Tubbs continue to be worn down by their work, and begin to rethink their life choices as they patrol Miami Vice…



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