Star Trek: Voyager (1997) – Day of Honor, and Nemesis

Captain’s log: stardate unknown

Airing on 17 September, 1997, Day of Honor,  written by Jeri Taylor, did a lot to advance the B’Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson) – Tom Paris (Robert Duncan MacNeill) storyline.

Never one to celebrate Klingon tradition, Torres is ready to forget the whole thing, Her day gets more complicated when the Voyager’s warp core is ejected and she and Tom take a shuttlecraft to reclaim it.

But when the shuttle is destroyed, the two are marooned in space in EV suits, and the two confront themselves, their blossoming relationship and their feelings. These are some well-earned moments, as we’ve watched the relationship start and grow over the past season.

The b-story follows Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) beginning her attempt to integrate with the crew and find a place there, and that she may already be committing herself to the service of the ship.

I quite like this episode, as it focuses more on the personal lives of the crew, specifically Torres and Paris and gives an actual payoff for the viewer’s investment in them… and now comes the next step in their relationship.

And of course, the series will continue to follow the way Seven fits into the crew, and finds her own humanity again.


Captain’s log: stardate 51082.4

Kenneth Biller pens this Chakotay (Robert Beltran) episode that first aired on 24 September, 1997.

War has two sides, and each has its own story and version of events.

When Chakotay’s shuttle is shot down by crossfire, he finds himself on a planet trapped in a genocidal war. He is befriended by one side, and then the other, as he learns what is motivating their fight, the cost, and what that means. He finds himself getting along with one side, but when he is captured by the other side, he sees that there is more to this war than he realizes, and both side has its truths.

As Chakotay struggles to understand the war, he listens to the conversations, the camaraderie and the terror that affects the fighters.

One side looks human, and therefore is easier to relate to, while the Nemesis is frightening and alien-looking. But physical appearances has no place in the truth.

Through all of this Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and the rest of the crew are doing their best to recover their lost crew member, and of course, when the planet’s ambassador is revealed, we learn who the real enemy of the story is.

This one is okay, but it’s easy to see how the story will play out from the beginning of the episode, simply because this kind of story has been done before.

Still, the Human Adventure continues as I explore The Complete Series on DVD from Paramount Pictures.

Boldly go…


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