V – The Series (1984) – The Sanction, and Visitor’s Choice

The battle for Earth continues this week, along with a healthy dose of melodrama, as I continue exploring V – The Series.

Up first is The Sanction, written by Brian Taggert, who worked on The Final Battle, this story first aired on 16 November, 1984.

Mike Donovan’s (Marc Singer) son, Sean (Nicky Katt) is being held in a Visitor Youth Corps center where he is, apparently, the top pupil, and dedicated to the Corp’s powerful leader, Klaus (Thomas Callaway).

Klaus is a tangible threat, and is someone even the Visitors fear, as we see in the opening sequence that plays as an homage to the pre-credits sequence of From Russia With Love. Tyler (Micheal Ironside) warns Mike and Julie (Faye Grant) that Klaus is capable of converting and training anyone, including Sean, into a killer.

… so even if Donovan is able to get Sean out, will they remain free? Will Sean escape back to the Corps? Or will Klaus find Donovan?

What will Sean’s final choice be?

Meanwhile Robin (Blair Tefkin) finally gets back to Los Angeles, and meets her now adult daughter, Elizabeth (Jennifer Cooke), and of course, this will lead to problems with Kyle (Jeff Yagher).

Negotiations are still taking place between Diana (Jane Badler) and Nathan Bates (Lane Smith), all while the CEO of Science Frontiers tries to track down Elizabeth, aided by Mr Chang (Aki Aleong).

And poor Robert Englund has been underused since the series started, of course the same thing could be said for poor Micheal Wright as well.


Visitor’s Choice was written by David Braff, and first aired on 23 November, 1984.

Tyler, Donovan and Julie have a chance to take out the Visitor high command when they come across intel that suggests that all the Visitor leaders are gathering at an estate, where Diana is about to unveil an advancement that will help them process their food (humans) that much quicker.

Amongst the Visitor leaders, and a bizarre casting choice, is Sybil Danning. And there are in fact Visitors wandering around in their natural reptile state with bathrobes of course.

Meanwhile Bates has ordered Chang to find his son, Kyle, and is also enforcing a city wide curfew with the orders to kill anyone who violates it, human and Visitor alike.

Mike and Julie team up with a pair of brothers who are trying to discover what happened to their sister… it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what, and then the trio with the brothers in tow, prepare for their assault.

Something tells me that no matter how it plays out, Diana will get away, no matter how many other Visitors die.

I have to say, some of the additions to the Visitor uniforms, including medals and gold chains, makes the fairly cool uniform look gaudy and silly. There had to be a better way to signify higher rank, and recognition of duty and service.

The battle for Earth continues next week when V – The Series continues next week!! Oh the excitement, the melodrama, and oh, the campy stories.


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