V – The Final Battle (1984) – Part Two

The battle raged on, as V – The Final Battle, Part Two continued expanding on the original miniseries and telling the stories of Earth’s Resistance against the Visitors. Part Two aired on 7 May, 1984. One night after Part One.

It was written by Brian Taggert and Diane Frolov from a story by Lillian Weezer (aka Kenneth Johnson – the series creator who left over creative differences), Frolov, Peggy Goldman and Craig Buck as Faustus Buck.

As the second part opens, Juliet (Faye Grant) is being held by Diana (Jane Badler) aboard the mothership and undergoing conversion, the Resistance encounters the International Resistance when my favorite character – Ham Tyler (Micheal Ironside) and his partner Chris Farber (Mickey Jones) show up.

The Resistance location is rumbled and the opening minutes of the episode see our heroes trying to clear out as a Visitor squad arrives to take them down. On the run, they find a new base, and surprisingly it seems to be one of the most open locations that they could choose – an abandoned movie ranch.

Martin (Frank Ashmore) and the Fifth Column help Donovan (Marc Singer) and the rest on their rescue mission to save Julie. But trouble arrives when another ship arrives on Earth… and the Squadron Commander, Pamela (Sarah Douglas) arrives to assume control of the fleet, and Earth operations.


The crux of this episode is set around an operation suggested by Martin to move the prisoners to a compound on Earth since Fifth Column activities are increasing onboard ship. This allows our heroes to rescue Julie, even as they worry over how the conversion process may have affected her. Through it all Mike is still trying to track down his son, Sean (Eric Johnston), who was captured by the Visitors and stored for later consumption, along with the rest of his town. The Visitors, once they discover who he is plan to use him.

They also hope to deliver a real blow to the Visitors by blowing up one of the sites they’ve created to funnel water up into their holds.

And as the episode races to its cliffhanger conclusion,Mike gives himself up so Sean can go free, Julie worries about her conversion and Robin (Blair Tefkin) gives birth… to twins.

Next week we come to the conclusion of the mini-series, and short afterward learn it was poorly named, because it obviously wasn’t the final battle, as V – The Series launched shortly afterwards (which we’ll take a look at while making sure it doesn’t tarnish my love of the original two mini-series).

Boy I loved this one when it aired, and I still love it now!



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