Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1995) – The Sword of Kahless, and Our Man Bashir

Station log: stardate unknown

LeVar Burton directs this episode that was written by Hans Beimler from a story by Richard Danus. It first aired on 20 November, 1995.

This Worf (Micheal Dorn) and Dax (Terry Farrell) story sees the two officers joined by Kor (John Colicos) as the search a remote planet in the Gamma Quadrant for the fabled sword of Kahless.

Pairing the three together is a lot of fun. There are callbacks to The Original Series as Kor’s interactions with Kirk and the Organians is mentioned, as well as mentioning Koloth and Kang.

Worf, initially awestruck to meet Kor reevaluates his impressions of one of his heroes as he discovers the true Klingon behind the stories.

But it also lets the series embrace some fun action moments, as the trio find themselves caught up in a bigger adventure than they expected. And cracks appear in the trio when both Klingons that they should wield the sword for the betterment of Klingons.

There’s a bit of an Indiana Jones thing, as well as a Treasure of the Sierra Madre thing happening as the adventure embraces its action beats as well as their own desires.

It plays as a fun solid episode, continuing to expand on the DS9 place in the Trek universe, as well as telling a fun story. It’s also the first real Worf story since he joined the series, and he proves that he fits in well with the station, its characters, and easily carves out a place for himself.


Station log: stardate unknown

Ronald D. Moore pens the teleplay for this episode from a story by Bob Gillan. First airing on 27 November, 1995, this Bashir (Alexander Siddig) story is a lot of fun, even if it does involve yet another transporter accident, and a holosuite issue…

The accident makes Bashir’s secret agent holosuite program all the more dangerous, and it doesn’t help that he has Garak (Andrew Robinson) intruding on his program.

Part send up of spy films, especially the Bond films of the 60s (with some hilarious names), Our Man Bashir is a wonderfully fun ride that lets Siddig show that he can be the charming superspy if needs must.

The transporter accident causes the physical forms of the rest of the command crew, who were on an exploding shuttle, to appear in the holosuite program as the computer attempts to save their bio signatures in the system.

Basically it allows all the characters to play other characters in Bashir’s program. So much fun!

Of course, everything is going to work out in the end, and this one is just one to settle in for and enjoy the ride.

A wonderful pair of episodes this week as I continue to explore The Complete Series on DVD, now available from Paramount Pictures. The Human Adventure continues…


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