Be More Yoda and Be More Vader (2018) – Christian Blauvelt

The holidays are drawing closer, in fact some people have probably already started their Xmas shopping, and if you have a Star Wars fan on your list, or a businessperson, or someone trying to get the best out of their life, as well as achieving a bit of zen, then DK Canada may have the books for you!

Author Christian Blauvelt has penned two little pocket books that can guide you through the ins and outs of business dealings, or learning to let go of stress in this pair of fun books that take famous bits of dialogue from Star Wars films, and adapts them for every day life, infusing them with a bit of humor to boot.

Be More Vader guides us through the business world, where it would no doubt be very helpful to be a Sith, while Be More Yoda helps you to balance your life.


Taking familiar quotes like “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” and “I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.” the books adapt them to everyday situations, from believing in your abilities, through to acing that job interview.

These are fun, delightful little books, perfect for gifts, but also perfect for sharing advice and helping you deal with everyday problems.

Baluvelt keeps things fun, and grounded, while still embracing the sheer joy of the Star Wars universe, and while all the quotes don’t belong to Yoda or Vader, each book’s selections are wonderfully appropriate for the overall topic and theme.

Featuring some great images, classic quotes, and some helpful advice, Be More Yoda, and Be More Vader can show someone you care, even if you don’t understand their affectation for Star Wars.

So give into the Force, and pick up a couple of these for all the people in your life who would benefit from some Sith guidance, or some Jedi patience.

Be More Yoda, and Be More Vader are available today from DK Books! And make sure check the DK Canada website here for other great holiday gift choices (or something for your own collection).

And remember, the force will be with you… always.


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