Star Trek: Voyager (1995) -Jetrel, and Learning Curve

Captain’s log: stardate 48832.1

Jack Klein, Karen Klein and Kenneth Biller pen this Neelix (Ethan Phillips) episode from a story by James Thomton and Scott Nimerfro. The penultimate episode of the first season aired on 15 May, 1995.

James Sloyan plays Jetrel, a scientist who comes aboard Voyager and delivers terrible news to Neelix. He has a fatal illness.

Neelix is furious and unsure of what to believe considering that Jetrel is the same scientist that created a bioweapon that killed thousands of Neelix’s people the Talaxian, including his own family.

Is Jetrel attempting to redeem himself, or is there something else going on here? Neelix is diagnosed with the disease, and he attempts to deal with his relationship with Kes (Jennifer Lien) while Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) tries to deal with Jetrel, who may be growing ill himself.

There is the pursuit of science, whether ethics and morals should come into play, let alone responsibility for what knowledge garnered from it is used for. It also deals with the loss of life on both sides of a war, and the way those things shape them, as well as the blame and survivor’s guilt that affects them.

Of course, there is more going on here that anyone realizes, but Neelix will be fine, and perhaps the truth will come out about what Jetrel is really attempting to do, and maybe both combatants in that old war can find a measure of piece.


Captain’s log: stardate 488465.5

Ronald Wilkerson and Jean Louis Matthias pen the season finale for season one of Voyager. And it plays a bit anticlimactic, and like a bit of a riff on The Next Generation episode Lower Decks.

Considering the way Trek series over the past years have had their seasons end, this one is a little quiet-ish.

Tuvok (Tim Russ) is in charge of overseeing the continued integration of the Maquis-Federation crew and is conducting a training session with the most difficult of them. Meanwhile the bio-neural gel-pack which serves as a basis for most of the circuitry aboard Voyager are beginning to fail, and the crew led by the Doctor (Robert Picardo), and Torres (Roxann Dawson) investigate it.

Tuvok taught at the academy and his Maquis students definitely prove to be a handful.

This is used to show how most of the Maquis characters that are main roles have adapted to Starfleet life while also illustrating that they may be the exception, not the rule. As Tuvok’s boot camp continues the unit begins to come together, and fit in.

And while there may still be the occasional conflict between characters to come, the starship is coming together as they work to find their way home.

In terms of continuity Janeway’s The Innocents-esque holonovel continues.

Thursday Star Trek: Voyager season two gets underway, and next week Deep Space Nine season four launches, all thanks to The Complete Series collections from Paramount Pictures.

The Human Adventure continues…





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