Miami Vice (1985) – Made For Each Other, and The Home Invaders

Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) and Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Micheal Thomas) get a bit of a break in the first episode this week. Made for Each Other was written by Allan Weisbecker, Joel Surnow, and Dennis Cooper, and first aired on 8 March, 1985.

Switek (Michael Talbott) and Zito (John Diehl) take centre stage in this episode as they use some informants to set up a dealer, while also dealing with their personal lives… Zito has to temporarily move in with Switek (his apartment blew up) and his girlfriend, Darlene (Ellen Greene) who is Zito’s ex.

This of course makes for some serious stress on their relationship, but their friendship weathers all manner of troubles and they come out the stronger for it.

The informants are, of course, Noogy (Charlie Barnett) and Izzy (Martin Ferrero), and the foursome make for a fairly light-hearted episode even as they go after a stolen goods ring, run by someone known as Costelada (Johnny Hernandez).

It’s a goofy, fun episode, but plays well because the friendship between Switek and Zito is at its heart, and they are a likeable duo, course Izzy and Noogy together are a lot of fun to watch as well. Consequently, it’s an enjoyable romp.

The episode also features Mark-Linn Baker as a link in the chain to Costelada.

Songs in this episode include Money (That’s What I Want) by Barrett Strong, and, no surprise, a couple of Elvis tunes (being Switek’s favourite performer), Treat Me Nice and Rubberneckin’.


The Home Invaders was written by Chuck Adamson and first aired on 15 March, 1985.

This is a Crockett story that no doubt featured Tubbs, but Philip Micheal Thomas was injured in the previous episode, and Crockett takes centre stage as his loyalty to the job, and his former mentor, Robbery Division’s John Malone (Jack Kehoe).

With Tubbs off in New York with Valerie (Pam Grier), Crockett is troubled and gets in deep as he investigates the invaders case. Even with Castillo (Edward James Olmos), Switek, Zito Trudy (Olivia Brown) and Gina (Saundra Santiago) working alongside him, the detective finds himself conflicted over the difference in approaches between his current boss and his former.

Sonny is troubled by the tension arising between Castillo and Malone, and it should be his first clue that something is amiss. It is fun seeing Castillo and Crockett working together, they make a good pairing, and Martin Castillo is a much sharper lieutenant than Malone could ever be.

The crew (which is portrayed by Esai Morales, Paul Calderon, and David Patrick Kelly) target specific homes, posing as delivery services, and then strike.

Castillo cracks the case, and he and Crockett are there to finish everything off, and it leads Malone to make a life-changing decision.

Tunes featured in this episode features Sly and Robbie’s Destination Unknown, and The Glamorous Life by Sheila E.

Next week, we dive into a trio of episodes that closes out the first stellar season of Miami Vice!


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