Space: 1999 (1975) – The Full Circle, and Another Time, Another Place

The Full Circle was written by Jesse Lasky Jr. and Pat Silver. It first aired on 11 December, 1975. And honestly, has my vote for worst episode of the season, if not the series.

The moon comes across a strange planet, one whose surface is shrouded in a strange mist. When an Eagle, and additional teams go into investigate, including our heroes, Koenig (Marin Landau), Doctor Russell (Barbara Bain), they disappear.

But the appearance of a strange primitive, neanderthal-like race suggests a connection! I wonder what it could be!?

Amongst those investigating, and joining the commander and the doctor are Alan (Nick Tate) – of course – and Sandra (Zienia Merton) – which is nice because it gets her out of Command and doing a little more than usual (although in this case, it’s a lot of kicking, screaming, and being frightened by the cave men, who she doesn’t realise at first are her fellow Alphans).

Even as a cave man, Koenig protects his people, while Bergman (Barry Morse) tries to figure out how to transform his friends back. But every one will end up in dire straits before the end of the episode, and a happy ending will be found just in time, as the moon continues its journey through the stars.

Still, no matter what I think of the episode, I always get giddy when I see some solid model shots of the Eagles flying about. The episode also allows for some location work which allows for a bit of a different look to the show as well.


Another Time, Another Place debuted on 18 December, 1975, and was written by Johnny Byrne, and is a bit of a step up from the previous episode.

Alpha tumbles through a spatial anomaly which delivers another Alpha into existence. An Alpha from the future!

One character, Regina (Judy Geeson) seems to be moving mentally back and forth between the two, and the Alphans are stunned to come in contact with the future, when they discover themselves back in orbit… around Earth.

Arriving on the duplicate moon they discover wreckage, and long dead remains of some familiar names and faces.

While the episode hints at a possible future for a number of the characters, as well as relationships that will develop, the episode lacks the fun and wonder, not to mention the sense of excitement and mystery that often accompanies these kinds of stories.

It’s a solid tale, but just lacks the things that would make stories like this so enjoyable in other series.

Things resolve themselves, and, surprise, the moon continues on its journey through the stars…

The show remains smart, and engaging, especially taking into account the time in which it was made. The effects remain impressive, and the characters while not necessarily growing have forms of continuity at work.

The journey continues next week…



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