Obsidio: The Illuminae Files Vol. 3 (2018) -Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

The third and final book in the Illuminae Files has found its way to my book shelf and I delightedly dug in for the final adventure as the truth about the BeiTech company is brought to light as we return to Kerenza IV, in a final all-out, win-or lose gambit that sees the heroes, villains, and monsters we’ve met over the previous instalments and a couple of new ones meet their fates.

With the same unique, and supremely enjoyable style of storytelling, we are given transcripts of video footage, audio recordings, text messaging, sketches, maps and all of it piecing together a story of conflict, war, love, horrors, and justice.

These books prove to be supremely enjoyable, adept at manipulating the reader’s feelings, and not afraid of gutting you emotionally at just the right moments.

He rejoin Kady Grant, Nik Malikova, Ezra Mason, Hannah Donnelly, Ella Malikova, as well as new comers Asha Grant and Rhys Lindstrom as we are plunged into a battle that sweeps a planetary system as heroes and villains on both sides of the battle seek a way to jump home to the core worlds, following the destruction of the Heimdall gate.

The plan centres around returning to Kerenza IV and seizing a BeiTech mobile jump platform called Magellan which is forcing the inhabitants of the planet to refine the needed fuel before they can jump. With the timer running out on the lives of the colony everything quickly becomes a high-stakes game of survival.


Despite the tension, and the action beats, there are moments of genuine tenderness, horror, and humour that have become the signature of this trilogy.

The trilogy has proven to be a very enjoyable read, and one that completely wraps one up in the world and the moments. In fact, I was constantly surprised at how involved in the tale I was.

Yes, all of the leads are older teenagers, so one could define this as a Young Adult series, but I think first and foremost it is a rousing space opera, that through its unique manner of storytelling brings a fantastically realised universe to life, and makes me want to be a part of it.

The story earns its horrors, and its victories, its emotional highs and lows, and the laughs are natural, and feel like things people would actually say. Instead of coined witty bon mots, these teenagers talk like smart, self-aware characters and are completely and entirely relatable.

If you are looking for something fun, engrossing and enjoyable to read (with lots of science fiction battles, politics, tech, and teen angst and romance) this series should move to the top of your list. I really enjoyed this series!


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