Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1994) – Armageddon Game, and Whispers

Station log: stardate unknown

Morgan Gendel, Ira Steven Behr and James Crocker pen this episode from a story by Gendel. The episode debuted on 30 January, 1994.

This ends up being another O’Brien (Colm Meaney) and Bashir (Alexander Siddig) story. The pair are helping a pair of races, the T’Lani and the Kelleruns put an end to a generations long war by helping them destroy their weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, the two races want to make sure no knowledge of these weapons remain, which may mean something bad for the two Starfleet officers, especially when an attack is launched on them and the crews they are working with. The pair are stranded on a remote planet where O’Brien is infected with a fast-moving and life-threatening disease.

As O”Brien still isn’t a fan of Bashir, things are made worse when he has to rely on the young doctor to help them survive.

Meanwhile the crew of DS9 have been told that Bashir and O’Brien are already dead, in an accident. So no one will come looking for them, even as the pair struggle to survive. Family and friends try to deal with the loss of their friends, but the Chief and the Doctor aren’t down and out yet.

A few people, starting with O’Brien’s wife, Keiko (Rosalind Chao) begin to suspect that the officers may still be alive. And Sisko (Avery Brooks) is off to investigate.

I like the pairing of O’Brien and Bashir and it’s fun watching their relationship grow. I think that is one of the things I am enjoying about the series, there are all these relationships, and character beats that make the series unique, and supremely enjoyable.


Station log: stardate 47581.2

Paul Coyle and Michael Piller pen this episode from a story by Coyle. It’s an O’Brien-centric story that first debuted on 6 February 1994.

Something very odd is going on aboard the station, and no one seems to be paying attention to O’Brien, and he is being shut out by everyone, being shuffled away from essential jobs, and every one is treating him oddly.

That is ever since he returned from a mission with a race known as the Paradas, a culture which is obsessed with security.

It’s fairly easy to figure out what is going on, but it’s still an entertaining episode, and I love that once again, Meaney is given a lot to do and lets his character shine. He’s come along way from Encounter at Farpoint.

There is a wonderful sense of paranoia and mistrust running through this episode, and it really makes for a tightly-wound story that fits perfectly withing the Trek story frame! In fact, it may be one of my favourites!

There will be more stories next week, when the Human Adventure continues as I explore Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Complete Series on DVD, now available from Paramount Pictures.


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