Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) – Before the Flood, and The Girl Who Died

Before the Flood is the conclusion of the cliffhanger to last week’s underwater base/ghost episode from last week. Penned by Toby Whithouse, and first airing on 10 October, 2015, it finds the Doctor (Capaldi) travelling back in time to before the underwater base was flooded, and the deserted sunken village they were investigating is alive and well, populated and bustling with cut out Russians?

That is until the alien craft arrived.

The opening teaser is one of my favourites in the series as the Doctor presents the Bootstrap Paradox.

The craft is basically a hearse, populated by a strange alien, who serves as an undertaker, Prentis (Paul Kaye) who is carrying the body of someone, or something, known as The Fisher King (Neil Fingleton).

With the ghost of the Doctor appearing on the base in the future, Clara (Jenna Coleman) is shocked, and demands, that the Time Lord not die, that he change the future, and not leaver her like this.

But can the Doctor change the future if it has already happened?

As good as the first part of this story was, there is so much more happening in this conclusion, and I love when Who stories starts to play with paradoxes and temporal entanglements.

When the truth is revealed, and things are straightened out, it proves to be a great ride, and the Doctor doesn’t have to deal with his death quite yet.

It’s wonderfully fin-paced leaves the audience pondering until the Doctor reveals all, and it ends up being a well-crafted tale by Whithouse.


The Girl Who Died was written by Steven Moffat with Jamie Matheson. It first aired on 17 October, 2015 and saw the Doctor and Clara find themselves in an unusual adventure when they are captured by 9th century Vikings.

As the plot unfurls a stubborn girl, Ashildr (Maisie Williams) declares war on a race of aliens that arrive in the Viking village, and soon the Doctor and Clara must prepare them for war.

But it will also lead to a mistake that affects the Doctor for the rest of this series.

The aliens arrive impersonating the Norse gods, and abduct the best fighters in the village, but when Clara and Ashildr confront them, instead of a peace, the young shield maiden, Ashildr, pushes for battle.

This plunges the rest of the village into chaos as the Doctor is left with only farmers to fight. This makes for a rather funny training montage, and lots of fun nicknames for the villagers.

As they prepare, the Doctor does what he can, but he does one thing, after the battle is over and a life is lost, he makes one mistake. And that mistake will revisit him repeatedly through the series. The answer, as Clara points out, is right in front of him, but this time, he makes a dreadful mistake, a choice he makes at the height of emotion.

It also truly explains why the Doctor chose this face…

This one isn’t your typical Moffat, it’s mostly light and fun, while planting the seeds for a the series arc, and the Doctor and Clara journey onward towards their next adventure which serves as a sequel to this episode, The Woman Who Lived.


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