The Adventures of Indiana Jones (1992/1993) – Spring Break Adventure

Sean Patrick Flanery takes over the role of Indiana Jones from Corey Carrier this week with this television movie that first aired on 17 October, 1999. Cobbled together from two episodes, Princeton February, 1916 and Mexico March 1916, Flanery proves himself suitable to the role, and the stories take on a depth that was missing from the Carrier episodes.

Princeton February 1916

Written by Matthew Jacobs from a story by series creator George Lucas, this part of the film first aired as an episode on 20 March, 1993 and was directed by Joe Johnston.

Young Indy (Flannery) is living at home with his father, Henry Sr. (Lloyd Owen) and is dreaming of proving himself the big man on campus by bringing not only his date, Nancy (Robyn Lively) to the prom, but also driving her to the event in a brand new Bugati.

Robyn’s father is Edward Stratemeyer (Lee Lively), a renowned cliffhanger author including the Bobbsey Twins, the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Tom Swift. He is willing to let Indy borrow the Bugati, but it needs new parts, foreign parts, that can’t be had.

Happily, Indy has an in at Edison Laboratory. There he meets Edison (Richard K. Olsen) and gets embroiled in a mystery involving a stolen motor engine and German spies! Through the course of the episode Nancy proves herself repeatedly, and shows that she is more than an equal for the young adventurer, even outshining him on occasion.

It’s a fun episode, inviting the viewer to learn more about Edison, electric engines, big business, and the way Edison treated his employees and their creations.

Flanery, from the off, is imminently likeable as Indiana, maintaining the continuity of the character and making it his own at the same time.

Watch for an appearance by Clark Gregg!


Mexico March, 1916

Written by Jonathan Hales, from a story by Lucas and originally aired with the Cairo segment featuring Carrier as the second half of the pilot movie, Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal.

Indy heads south of the border, and finds himself caught up in an adventure with Pancho Villa (Mike Moroff), and meets a Belgian, Remy (Ronny Coutteure). The episode plants the seeds for the things that are going to follow with Indy’s time in the service during The Great War.

It also ties up the story threads that were left dangling from the Cairo 1910 story, as well as touching on the death of Anna Jones (Ruth De Sosa) from influenza.

Indy and his cousin head south of the border to sneak into a Mexican bar. Unfortunately things go sideways real quick and Indy finds himself caught up in the revolution. But he also encounters Demetrious (Vic Tablian) again, and the two clash over the stolen head of the jackal that Demetrious made away with in Cairo.

This part continues to expand on Indy’s brushes with history, but begins weaving a longer story, by introducing recurring characters (Remy) who will be with Indy and the series for awhile.

Next week, Indy heads to Europe where he endures Love’s Sweet Song before preparing to head to war…


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