Bosom Buddies: The Complete Series

Back in 1980, Tom Hanks was an up and coming actor with a decidedly comedic bent. In fact, he seemed to be perfectly cast alongside Peter Scolari as advertising executive Kip Wilson. Alongside Scolari’s Henry Desmond, the pair work as a creative team, and are best friends.

But when their apartment is destroyed, the only place they can afford to live is the Susan B. Anthony. Unfortunately, the Susan B. is a women only residence.

Before you can say Some Like It Hot, the pair are in drag, and the sitcom Bosom Buddies was born.

Today, Paramount Pictures releases The Complete Series on DVD. Over the course of two seasons, thirty-seven episodes, Kip and Henry, and their female alter-egos, Buffy and Hildegard, deal with all manner of standard sitcom situations, while making the occasional commentary on sexism as well as masculinity, and femininity.

The laughs come fast and often, some of the dialogue and the jokes have endured, some fall flat, but it still makes for a highly enjoyable watch.

Complicating Kip’s life is his crush on Sonny (Donna Dixon in her first role). She lives in the Susan B. as well, and rooms with Amy (Wendie Jo Sperber), who, in turn, crushes on Henry.


Kip tries to woo Sonny, and often uses his alter-ego, Buffy to talk him up to her. It makes for some poor ethics, but plays most amusingly. Not to mention how many times, the pair are so close to being caught out.

Hanks and Scolari are a wonderful pairing, and watching a youthful and exuberant Hanks play is a joy. He’s hilarious, vibrant, and makes the entire series incredibly easy to watch.

Yes, the show ends up being fairly standard 80s sitcom fare, and of course, there are changes in the second season that may have brought the series to a too early conclusion, but man, is it funny.

Nowadays, of course, Hanks is known more for his dramatic turns, but I grew up with his humour, his early films, and seeing that brought back to the screen is a real joy,

Digging into this series was a delight, and such a heavy dose of nostalgia. Seeing Tom Hanks being goofy, and funny is just so much fun.

And now, you can dive into the entire series! Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari, Donna Dixon and Wendie Jo Sperber tickle the funny bone while tapping into that fun Some Like It Hot vibe.

Bosom Buddies: The Complete Series is available on DVD from Paramount Pictures today! Check it out! So much fun!!!


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