The Twilight Zone (1964) – Come Wander with Me, The Fear, and The Bewitchin’Pool

We arrive, this week, at our last stop in The Twilight Zone. The exploration of The Complete Series comes to its ultimate conclusion with this last trio of episodes.

First up is Come Wander with Me. Written by Anthony Wilson, this episode, directed by Richard Donner, debuted on 22 May 1964.

The story follows musician Floyd Burney (Gary Crosby) who is in search of inspiration for some new songs. His journey leads him through the woods, as he wanders, until he stumbles upon Mary Rachel (Bonnie Beecher), whose song, and enchanting singing voice, has caught Floyd’s attention.

Unfortunately there is a secret to Mary Rachel’s song, and the truth of it will be revealed in The Twilight Zone. Because it seems her song is all about him, and his future…

There’s no real twist or reveal to this episode, in fact, part way through it, I thought of a great reveal for the episode, and it was too bad it didn’t play out that way.

An entertaining enough episode, but no real surprises to it.

The extras include sponsor billboards and an isolated score by Jeff Alexander. The disc itself is rounded out with interviews with series creator Rod Serling, a Mike Wallace interview, a lecture, some home movies, and an Alfred Hitchcock promo.


Serling pens the next episode, The Fear which was first broadcast on 29 May, 1964.

This fun episode sees a scared woman, Charlotte Scott (Hazel Court) and a policeman, Robert Franklin (Peter Mark Richman) seemingly being stalked by giants.

Franklin has come to Scott’s home when he hears tales that she saw a UFO the night before. There’s tension between the two immediately as she comes from New York City, a fashion editor who has had a bit of a breakdown, and has a low opinion of the small town she is staying in, and those who live and work there.

Franklin proves he’s no bumpkin, and things begin to go sideways for the two characters, when something may have landed nearby.

As they investigate strange noises and happenings, they finally discover the being and are unsure if they can confront it safely. And who or what is really behind the giant? The reveal is a lot of fun, and makes for a playful examination on the nature of fear.

The extras include a commentary by director Ted Post, Richman, and Zone historian Marc Scott Zircee, sponsor billboards, and a radio version starring Jane Seymour and James Keach.


The final episode of the series is a lacklustre affair written by Earl Hamner jr, and it aired on 19 June, 1964.

The tale follows a pair of children, Sport (Mary Badham) and Jeb (Jeffrey Byron) who discover a portal in the bottom of their swimming pool that will take them away from their bickering and soon to be divorced parents, Gloria (Dee Hartford) and Gil (Tod Andrews).

The family discussion sequences are stilted and horribly acted -(and the whole episode suffers from terrible ADR) no wonder the kids ran to the pool!

The portal takes them to a land seen over by Aunt T (Georgia Simmons) but what else is going on here?

The extras include an interview with Hamner, as well as a commentary by he and Zircee, an isolated score, and a radio version starring Karen Black.

And just like that I come to the end of the epic, and iconic television series. So many classic episodes! So many moments that became ingrained in pop culture! Check it out for yourselves when you pick up The Complete Series on blu-ray from Paramount Pictures.


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