Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series

Debuting on blu-ray from Paramount Pictures this week is the incredible follow-up to the cult television program, Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series.

When I first heard of the possibility of a new series, set twenty five years after the first, just like Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) said would happen I was ecstatic. When I learned that the entire series would be penned by the show’s original creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, I was ready. When I heard Lynch would be directing all 18 episodes, there was nothing that was going to keep me from this.

Picking up twenty five years after the events that shook the town of Twin Peaks, we are invited back to the land of damn good coffee and deeper into things we’d be hard pressed to understand. But that was the beauty of the original series as well. We were given an often soap opera like character arcs and stories, set against preternatural, and often confusing images, moments, and personages.

This time is no different, as the series opens Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is still trapped within the Black Lodge, while his evil doppelganger, now a vehicle for the malignant spirit known as Bob (Frank A. Silva) is proving to still be dangerous and murderous.

Cooper finds a way out of the Lodge, but is not himself on his return to the earthly plane, and the world of Twin Peaks opens more mind-blowingly wide that it ever has before; delighting audiences as much as it baffles them, generating as much water cooler talk as the original.


There are familiar faces, as we catch up with townspeople we didn’t think we’d see again.

Encased in one of the coolest slip sleeves I’ve ever seen the entire eighteen episode series is now available. Spanning eight discs the collection pulls out all the stops with one of the most stunning visual transfers I’ve ever seen, and a wealth of extras that will delight and inform even while you’re trying to puzzle out all the meanings of everything you just watched.

The extras provide a comprehensive look at the phenomenon, and the series; it’s moments and their creation. Encompassing a stunning six hours worth of material, the extras are as engaging as the series itself, which is rife, with frightening and amazing moments, and a plethora of cameos (which are occasionally jarring, but very much in keeping with the essence of the series).

I can’t rave enough about the image, with the high definition picture of the blu-ray discs, each shot is stunningly realised, sharp, clear and most definitely art.

Lynch’s original series, and this follow-up is not going to be for everyone. It messes with the head, is abstract, often joyfully confusing, and like its predecessor, is can’t miss, in fact,  is iconic television.

Binge watching the series, it forms a more cohesive whole, as opposed to watching it piecemeal as it aired, and that alone makes this collection a worthy addition to your blu-ray shelf.

Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series is available on blu-ray from Paramount Pictures today!



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