Doctor Who (Matt Smith) – The Impossible Astronaut, and Day of the Moon

Astronauts, the Silence, the Doctor’s (Smith) death, and some tons of temporal shenanigans launch the sixth series of Doctor Who with The Impossible Astronaut. The episode was written by Steven Moffat and first aired on 23 April, 2011.

The Doctor after showing off in history to attract the attention of The Ponds, invites Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) to a remote location in America. There they are joined by River Song (Alex Kingston) and during a relaxing meal, the Doctor is killed by an astronaut that walked out of a lake.

From there, things get interesting, as the Doctor shows up. A younger version of himself who has also been invited to the event. They travel back to 1969 to figure out what the now dead Doctor wanted them to do.

It is here that during the race to the moon, that an alien race known as The Silence whom you forget as soon as you look away from them are insinuating themselves into human history and control of the planet.

The episode races to a cliffhanger ending that sees Amy shooting a little girl trapped in the space suit, while River and Amy are about to find themselves under assault by the Silence.

The episode proves to be very enjoyable, introducing a very cool alien race, who are a little scary, and gets a more expansive look by its travel to America, and also brings in Mark Sheppard and his father William Morgan Sheppard to play the same character, Canton Everett Delaware III, along different points of the timeline.

I like this one a lot, it’s got a wonderful sense of mystery, exploration, and scariness.


Day of the Moon brings about the rousing conclusion begun in the previous episode. Also penned by Moffat, this one aired on 30 April, 2011.

Instead of picking up with the cliffhanger, we are somehow three months further into 1969. July. And our heroes are all in trouble, held by the government. Amy is seemingly executed by Canton, but it all ends up being a set-up to bring our team together.

They discover that this isn’t an invasion by the Silence, the are already settled, they are everywhere, the Earth is occupied. The Doctor isn’t fighting an invasion, they are leading a revolution.

But that’s ok, because the Doctor has a plan that involves the moon landing, and a post hypnotic suggestion caused by the Silence’s own abilities.

There also start planting some very intriguing seeds for the series’ arc – including the first appearance of the Eye Patch Lady (Frances Barber), and the revelation of the regeneration of the little girl (Sydney Wade) – and the implications of what that could mean. And of course, there are some big reveals coming for the Ponds, and consequently everyone else in the TARDIS.

And speaking of the Ponds, I do love their relationship.

Things get a little goofy next week with the pirate-themed, The Curse of the Black Spot.


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