Doctor Who (Matt Smith) – Amy’s Choice, and The Hungry Earth

Reality begins to mess with the Doctor (Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) when we join them in the TARDIS for Amy’s Choice.

Written by Simon Nye this unique episode first aired on 15 May, 2010 and introduced us to the Dream Lord (Toby Jones).

As they bounce between realities, our heroes must decide what is real, and what is false, and die in the fake world so that they may resume their lives in the real world. All of it seems to be a test by the Dream Lord, who is more than he seems, to test Amy and her relationship with both her fiance, Rory, and the Doctor.

I love how the episode opens, supposedly five years down the line, and Amy is pregnant, with Rory, and something strange seems to be happening with all the elderly people in the village. But there’s also something going on in the TARDIS, as the trio is about to freeze to death.

I love how the dreams bounce back and forth and Toby Jones is wonderfully, deliciously monstrous. The story keeps one guessing, even though we’re sure what one is reality from the off.

It’s fun, spooky, and the revelation of the nature of the Dream Lord is more than a bit unnerving.

One has to wonder if the Dream Lord will ever return…

The story was unique, entertaining, and made some nice additions to Rory and Amy’s characters, and I do love their relationship so much after this. Amy finally realises what she has with Rory, and it’s something incredible.

I like it.


The Hungry Earth was penned by Chris Chibnall and first aired on 22 May, 2010.

The episode sees the return of the Silurians, last seen encountering the Doctor (Peter Davison) in Warriors of the Deep.

Amy, the Doctor and Rory end up in a small Welsh village in 2020, where it seems there future selves come to catch a glimpse of their younger selves, which proves time is in flux, as we later learn.

A drilling operation has unearthed, and waken a previously unseen version of the Silurians (I personally think their makeup and look is much better than the original, though their helmets pay a nice homage).

With the possibility of war rising between humanity and the original inhabitants of the planet, the Doctor must travel to the Silurian underground home, to rescue Amy (who is taken by the Silurians) and stop the fighting before it starts.

But things won’t resolve this week, the episode ends in a cliffhanger with a revelation that there are more Silurians than the Doctor believed, and it seems one of the humans involved in the story, may end up starting a war…

Despite all that, not a lot really happens in this episode, it’s more just set-up for what’s to come, and there is definitely lots to come!!

Next week, the Silurian story concludes with Cold Blood.


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