Quantum Leap (1992/1993) – Promised Land and A Tale of Two Sweeties

Sam (Scott Bakula) finds himself back in Elk Ridge, Indiana, his home town on 22 December, 1971. Directed by Bakula, this episode was penned by Tommy Thompson and Gillian Hovarth, and aired on 15 December,1992.

Sam leaps into Willie Walters, jr. who is in the process of robbing the local bank with his brothers Neil (Dwier Brown) and John (Chris Stacy). It seems they want to rob the bank to pay them the money they owe, but Al (Dean Stockwell) tells them that the brothers were killed in the original history.

Surrounded by familiar names and faces Sam knows everyone in the bank, and begins to suspect the local banker of trying to reposesses a number of the local farms and sell them for commercial development. Can Sam get the evidence he needs before time runs out?

Not only does Sam want to set things right for the Walters, he also realises that his dad is still alive. He knows what the brothers are going through in regards to losing their farm, because the Becketts lost theirs as well. He wants to set things right for the farmers losing everything to the banks.

Seeing what is happening, and actually going on, a number of the woukd-be hostages do their part to help, even as Sam tries to find evidence that the bank is manipulating their loans.

Of course Sam proves the bank’s foul intentions and even gets a brief moment with his own father (also Bakula) but not everything works out happily, but Sam leaps…


A Tale of Two Sweeties was penned by Robin Bernheim and aired on 5 January, 1993. Sam finds himself on 25 February, 1958 in the form of Marty Elroy, a travelling salesman who is a bigamist.

It seems Elroy has a family in Florida and one in New York. Unfortunately his up north family has just arrived in town to surprise him. Oh, boy.

Things get even worse when Sam discovers that Marty has gambling debts that are coming due collected by Larry Manetti, and through it all, Al and Ziggy, the supercomputer, have no real advice to give Sam on what to do or how to improve things.

We get a lot of fun from the fact that some of Marty’s children can see Al, and realise that Sam is not their father.

This one almost falls into the genre of zany screwball comedy, and Al seems to be really enjoying this leap.The episode ends up being a lot of fun, with a lot of goofy things taking place, like the kids always giving Sam money, one of the kids hustling all the hotel freebies which end up being gifts to his other family.

While not neccessarily being a solid commentary on bigamy, this one simply tells a fun, laugh-filled tale, with a great reveal at the end.

The episode ends with Sam leaping into a protest, and women burning their bras.

Oh, boy.



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