Quantum Leap (1992) – Leaping of the Shrew and Nowhere to Run

Brooke Shields guest stars in the first episode up this week, Leaping of the Shrew. It was written by Richard C. Okie and Robin Bernheim, and premiered on 29 September, 1992.

Sam (Scott Bakula) leaps into Nikos Stahatos, a sailor working on a luxury yacht on 27 September, 1956. When the ship explodes, Sam and Vanessa Foster (Shields) find themselves marooned together on a deserted island.

The two are complete opposites and sparks fly immediately as neither understands the social world of the other. As they work to survive, and possibly get rescued, an understanding and perhaps more begins to blossom.

Al (Dean Stockwell) isn’t much help, as neither he, nor the supercomputer, Ziggy, can seem to figure out why Sam is there.

Everything Sam works at doing to shorten their stay on the island seems to end up going the other way, and he begins to wonder if they are supposed to be rescued after all?

It’s fun, light, and works nicely, especially after the divisive season opener. Unfortunately, you can tell that the stuff on the water was done on the lot, as the sky and cloud background is obviously a painted background. Still, if you don’t pay attention it’s a delightful little story.

Bakula and Shields have a nice chemistry together, and the episode depends on it, because outside of Stockwell, there is no one else with a speaking role in the entire episode.

It’s nice to have just a breezy episode after that opener.


Nowhere To Run was written by Tommy Thompson and originally aired on 6 October, 1992. Judith Hoag and Jennifer Aniston guest star in this episode, which finds Sam as a double amputee Vietnam War vet, Captain Ron Miller.

It’s 10 August, 1968 and Al arrives just in time to stop him from getting off his cot and impossibly walking. He informs him of his mission. He’s there to stop another veteran from committing suicide, and making his relationship work.

Miller’s wife, Julie (Hoag) arrives to see him, and it’s obvious that there are problems. Problems that are augmented by the presence of Kiki (Aniston) who volunteers as a nurse, while waiting on word of her brother, who is still in country.

As Sam struggles to make his relationship with Julie work, he also tries to deal with a vicious attendant, Holt (Gene Lythgow) who is rough with a number of the veterans.

This one is a solid episode, with some nice surprises, and I love the moment when Holt gets his deserved comeuppance, it’s a lot of fun!

The episode ends as Sam saves a life, gets Miller’s life back on track, and then, of course leaps…

To find himself as a fugitive killer and holding a woman and child hostage.

Oh, boy.



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