Quantum Leap (1991) – A Hunting We Will Go, and Last Dance Before an Execution

Sam (Scott Bakula) is a bounty hunter, and he’s handcuffed to his charge, Diane Frost (Jane Sibbett).

A Hunting Will We Go was penned by Beverly Bridges and had an airdate of 17 April, 1991. Sam is Gordon O’Reilly on 18 June, 1976. As Gordon, Sam has caught Diane, whom Al (Dean Stockwell) tells him she was embezzling and they are on their way to the sheriff in Decatur, where she will be turned over to the law.

But, in the original history, Diane and Gordon were both killed, and Sam, after learning why she stole the money, and his attraction to her, no longer wants to turn her in. Al is convinced of her innocence because she reminds him of his ex-wife, Maxine.

Diane doesn’t make things easy, as she causes problems, and fistfights for Sam whenever she can, and the poor time traveller ends up with more than his fair share of bruises.

This one plays a bit like a madcap, sexy, love story, and the chemistry between the two of them is a lot of fun to watch, as are the falls, hits, and sparks.

As they get closer to Decatur, Sam has to figure out what to do with Diane, and how to make sure that she doesn’t go to prison, as well as outing the true guilty party.

The two of them, together, might solve everything, and provide Gordon and Diane with a happy ending, is they can trust one another long enough. Which might be problem.

In the end it all works out, surprise, and Sam leaps…


…and finds himself on death row, as inmate Jesus Ortega, who is about to be executed.

Last Dance Before an Execution aired on 1 May, 1991, and was written by Bellisario, Deborah Pratt and Bill Bigelow.

It’s 12 May, 1971, and Sam has 48 hours to prove Ortega’s innocence. Even with Al at his side, and some surreptitious help from the Assistant D.A., Tearsa (Jenny Gago), Sam has his hands full, and saving Ortega’s life may not be his mission.

The situation is so dire when Sam leaps in, strapped to the electric chair, he says, “Oh, god.” and not “oh, boy.” This one plays with courts, law, and solid storytelling, as Sam, despite being stuck in a prison cell, works to solve the mystery he finds himself in.

Ortega is accused of murdering a priest, and robbing a church, and while Ortega agrees that he committed the robbery, he did not murder the priest.

After the lightness of the previous episode, this one isn’t afraid to dwell in the darkness a little, as the penal system and the death sentence comes under scrutiny.

There’s a fun sequence as Al looks for evidence in the church, using a handlink to find a second bullet, and a little girl helps pass on the information.

The truth is what Sam is there to uncover, and even as he is strapped to the chair one last time, the real reason he is there is finally revealed, even as they get ready to throw the switch.

It’s a tense ending, but then, Sam leaps…

… into a wrestling match.

Oh, boy.



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