Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997) – Shuki Levy and David Winning

Gah. Let’s just get this one out of the way, if the first one was crap, can you imagine how I felt going into this one as I continue my time with the Power Rangers thanks to the Sci-Fi Chronicles book, and this one barely has Amy Jo Johnson in it. So why watch it? Oh well, here we go…

New rangers, new powers, and a goofy adventure that ties it all together. Jason David Frank is the Red Turbo Ranger aka Tommy, Johnny Yong Bosch is Adam and Green, Catherine Sutherland is Kat and Pink, Nakia Burrise is Tanya and Yellow, and Blake Foster is Justin and Blue.

It seems a space pirate Divatox (Hilary Shepard) is intent on releasing Magilore, a powerful villain, but a kindly wizard, Lerigot (Jon Simanton) has the only key that can release him. He also is the key to helping the Power Rangers as they play around with their new, powerful, and giant combat vehicles, Zords – imaginations must have been desperate here, because all they are this time around is souped up cars – a distinct lack of imagination.

Somehow Johnson’s Kimberley gets pulled into events by being captured by Divatox, while she’s out scuba diving. Heck of a coincidence, but apparently Johnson was contracted to perform in two Power Ranger films.


Some of the creature designs are cool, in a cartoon-like way, which makes the shoddy special effects look even more abysmal, if you can look away from the truly horrible level of acting, and the pitiful story, and the terrible pacing, and idiotic action beats and villains.

It almost feels like the creators have no respect for their viewing audience, or the fact that the children who went to this film no doubt dragged their parents to it. There is nothing in here for an adult viewer, the horrible script keeps the story level amateurish at best. I feel sorry for any parent who had to see this one with their kid, and nothing to drink…

There doesn’t seem to be any strong moral to the story, or even a positive theme to impart to the young viewers, it’s just an endless cycle of terrible dialogue, cheesy fight sequences, and some of the lowest of the low in terms of science fiction tropes.

I know there is a generation or two that grew up with these characters and the countless series before and after it, but for me, I would have wanted something a little smarter to entertain myself with.



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