The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange (2016) – Billy Wrecks, Nick Jones & Danny Graydon

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This weekend Marvel unleashes its next superhero in the theatres, Doctor Strange, and to help me figure out who is who, DK Canada sent me their new reference book, the very enjoyable, The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange.

With gold trimmed pages which gives the book a, yes, magical tome feel, at my fingertips, I dove into a world that had only been hinted at in all my time with Marvel. That being said, I’ve always skated across the surface of Marvel, knowing some of the big names, and moments within their pages. I certainly know more of late than I did previous, though I still keep my Marvel comic titles to a minimum – there’s just too many, but I do enjoy the ones I read!

For me, Doctor Strange always skated at the edges of my perception, I would see him occasionally in issues of comics I used to occupy my summer afternoons, but he never seemed to have much of an impact on me. Now, with Marvel’s films, I’m willing to learn more about the character, at least there’s one superhero who seems to have as much grey and silver in his hair as I do (I think this is finally a character I would like to cosplay).

Apparently there is a lot more to the magical realms and worlds that Strange has occupied, and even having a smattering of knowledge of how Marvel works, I had no idea that the mythology and world-building around the character were as interwoven and detailed as it is. This, honestly, shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the character made his first appearance in July, 1963.


The book gives detailed information on Strange himself, his allies, alliances, adventures, villains, relics, romances and more.

Filled with art from the series entire run, the book is an incredibly beautiful, and handy, reference source. I’m fairly sure, no matter how the film plays out, this book will give me an edge on characters and perhaps a hint of what to expect.

What’s more, this book has actually piqued my interest in the character as well, I think, given the chance, I may start exploring his adventures, and with this book at my side, it will help me to keep all the players straight.

There is so much populating the world of Stephen Strange, and DK, Marvel, and the authors have done a fantastic job, combining it into a captivating treatise on the character, his world, and all those who inhabit it.

Of course, at this point, I shouldn’t be surprised. DK Canada has made a name for itself with beautifully crafted books filled with stunning imagery, and filled with an incredible depth and wealth of material on the subject at hand.

This one is surprising, entertaining, and has heightened my interest not only in the film, but in the original comics as well. If you’re a Strange fan, you need this book, and if you’re a Marvel fan, this one will be a welcome book on your shelf.



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