TIFF Bell Lightbox – Trek Talks Go Boldly!

TIFF Bell Lightbox continues to pull out all the stops in their celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary. In support of the iconic show, the Lightbox will continue to screen episodes and all 13 films of the series, as well as a fundraiser party, and the absolutely engaging, thought-provoking and stunning lecture series called Trek Talks.

Last night’s talk was fantastic as the subject of Diplomacy, Space and the United Federation of Planets was up for discussion, and it ended up covering everything from the non-interference protocol of the Prime Directive to the education system and its direct impact on the current U.S. Presidential Race.

Joining the roundtable discussion were director/writer Nicholas Meyer, astronaut, Jeremy Hansen and Margaret Weitekamp, the Space History Curator for the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

The conversation was by turn playful, informative, and troubling as we looked at our own world, our interactions with one another, and how we communicate, or don’t, with each other. Each of these guests brought a knowledge of Trek, and humanity to the table, and it made for a very enjoyable evening.


Listening to the three interact, share clips from the series and films, and take questions from the moderator and audience showed minds at work, the strength and possibility of humanity, when unfettered by our prejudices and petty greed, and a glimmer of a great future should we survive these birthing pains that seem to trouble our species.

Each of the three participants shared their knowledge, experience, and essence in the discussion, and it was a lot of fun to see the way they interacted with one another, how they listened to one another (which may not seem like a big thing, writing it, but anyone will tell you that is the way a true exchange of ideas occurs, through talking and listening – how often we forget – and a key to the best diplomacy), and asked questions of one another as the evening went on.

I was very lucky to have been able to attend the event, and love everything that the Lightbox has done in regards to Star Trek’s 50th. I may just have to make my home there for the next couple of months as the Talks, and the Features continue to take place.

Make sure you check out the Lightbox Shop for some wicked collectibles, and get your tickets for other screenings and events here!

Remember, the Human Adventure is just beginning…



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