Batman: The Animated Series (1993) Day of the Samurai, See No Evil and The Demon’s Quest: Part I


Batman (Kevin Conroy) has his hands full again this week! Day of the Samurai faces off, again, with the ninja named Kyodai Ken (Robert Ito), when Bruce learns the assassin has learned the fatal Death Touch attack. Serving as a sequel to Night of the Ninja (s01e28), this one continues to fill out a bit of Wayne’s past before he donned his cowl

With an airdate of 23 February, 1993, the episode sees Bruce flying to his sensei, Yoru’s (Goh Misawa) side after the master gets a message from Ken, his former pupil about the new and dangerous skills he has acquired, and that he is holding Yoru’s student, Kairi (Julia Kato) hostage until Bruce and Yoru confront him.

But knowing that his enemy can kill him with a touch, Batman will have to be careful, especially when Ken grabs Alfred (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) holding him to draw Batman into a final confrontation, which looks great, set, as it is against an erupting volcano. Or is it?

I love that this episode has Japanese dialogue, uses subtitles, and gets Batman out of Gotham, with Alfred tagging along and helping out with exposition and plot points, as well as the occasional zinger.


See No Evil aired 24 February, 1993, sees a smalltime crook, Lloyd Ventrix (Michael Gross), coming into possession of an invisibility suit, which he plans to use to kidnap his daughter, Kimmy (Elisabeth Moss) from her mother, Helen (Jean Smart).

Lloyd has been visiting Kimmy, bringing her gifts, and posing as her invisible friend Mojo. When he learns that Helen and Kimmy are moving away, he puts the plan into motion to kidnap his daughter so he can always be with her.

Unfortunately, he attempted a heist while Bruce was around, and now Batman is on his trail.

I do like that once again, the series gives us a character that is flawed, he’s doing all the wrong things for the right reasons, he loves his daughter, and wants to be with her, but obviously, he’s got some issues, legal, and probably mental, that need to be tended to first.

Lucius Fox (Brock Peters) makes an all too brief appearance, but gives Bruce some clues to follow up on to tracking Ventrix. I also love the fact that it’s Michael Gross portraying Lloyd. Gross played one of the nicest father’s ever on Family Ties, so it makes for a nicely ironic touch that he’s so villainous in this one.


The final episode this week is The Demon’s Quest: Part I. This one aired 3 May, 1993. Ra’s Al Ghul (David Warner) returns, as does Talia (Helen Slater). When she and Robin (Loren Lester) are kidnapped, Ra’s and the Dark Knight must join forces to recover their loved ones.

The episode is a fairly solid adaptation of Batman #232, both of which were penned by comic legend, Dennis O’Neil, which featured Ra’s first appearance, and is the only one, to date, that features a tease before the episode’s title card appears. The sequence features Robin sneaking back into his dorm room, only to be shot with a tranquilizer by someone in an Anubis mask.

We get more international travel in this episode as the ailing Demon’s Head and the World’s Greatest Detective travel to Calcutta to Malaysia to the Himalayas.

As the episode comes to its cliffhanger ending we’re left with the revelation that Talia is in love with him, and that everything has been orchestrated by Ra’s to test Batman’s readiness and ability to assume the title of the Demon’s Head if Ra’s dies, and sees the villain climbing from the Lazarus Pits revitalized, and threatening to kill his own daughter!!

More next week, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!




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