Hot Docs 2016: Credit for Murder – Vladi Antonevicz


In a documentary that plays more like a thriller than a Hot Docs, Antonevicz’s dark entry into this year’s film festival is a stunning ride. Using pacing, framing and structure like a standard Hollywood thriller this one captivatesd as much as it generates hate for it’s ready made villains, Neo-Nazis.

When a YouTube video surfaces of a beheading and an execution of two immigrants, Antonevicz is determined to find the truth behind the deplorable actions and finds himself enmeshed in the villainous underbelly of Russia’s hate groups, as he goes undercover to infiltrate them and learn the truth.

But there are clues and red herrings in the video as the three leaders of the hate groups point fingers at one another blaming one another for the terrifying imagery. With his friend Shuravi by his side, often voicing the audience’a own thoughts on the events, Antonevicz is shot at, threatened and confronted with the face of evil as he doggedly pursues the truth.

We are introduced to truly heinous human beings, Rumyantsev, Tesak and Demushkin, and while all of them are guilty of something, why aren’t the Soviet police going after them, and how high up does this National Socialist movement go.

The answers are stunning, and the film plays out more tightly paced than most current Hollywood films.

While the material is dark, and some of the footage is truly disturbing, the bravery of Antonevicz and Shuravi cannot be underestimated, as they dig into the truth of these events, that still remain ‘officially’ unsolved.

Credit for Murder screens again on Saturday April 30th at 1230 at the Hart House, and one final screening at The Revue on Saturday May 7th at 2045.


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