Magnum, p.i. (1987) – Laura and Out of Sync


Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra finds himself in Hawaii this week, with the episode Laura. Written by Chris Abbott, this one aired 25 February, 1987.

Sinatra is Michael Doheny, a New York cop, who in the midst of celebrating his retirement party, has his granddaughter kidnapped, and murdered by a pair of sexual predators. Intent on revenge, Doheny tracks them down to Hawaii, where he enlists the help of Magnum (Tom Selleck), lying to him about tracking down a missing person, Geiger (Kevyn Major Howard), who is in fact one of the murderers.

Thomas begins to suspect things aren’t all they seem, and that Doheny is keeping something from him, and begins to learn the truth.

The private investigator, seeing how intent on revenge, and murdering his granddaughter’s killers he is, wants to track down and capture them first, to spare Doheny the murder charge.

Making use of Genesis’ Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, the story is gritty and dark, and doesn’t flinch from it in its storytelling. Happily, the story balances with some humor brought on by some fun moments with Rick (Larry Manetti) and T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) as Thomas is talking about shooting a bit of a special documentary about being a private investigator.

Sinatra is welcome guest star, and this ended up being his last major role. It’s very cool to see Sinatra and Selleck working together, and while you can understand, and want to see Doheny exact his revenge you also understand Thomas’ motivations for trying to stop the man from ruining his life.

It’s a darker tale in the Magnum world, but it also shows that the series can do them, and do them right (though you can’t help but think that what with Miami Vice airing at the same time, and it’s use of Phil Collins, if the series is trying to add that sort of edge to its own storytelling).


Dana Delaney (sigh) returns as Cynthia in the episode Out of Sync, which aired 11 March, 1987 and was penned by Jay Huguely.

There is talk of marriage between Thomas and Cynthia, but things are complicated by a case he is working on. Andrea (Lisa Blount), his client, who needs his help in catching a porn director, Danny (David Hemmings) who she believes wants her dead.

Thomas, after last episode’s use of the video camera, is doing more breaking of the fourth wall stuff this time as he talks directly to the camera.

Andrea is convinced that Danny is not only making porn, but is making them snuff films.

Every one is happy about their belief that Thomas and Cynthia are engaged, and while they care for one another and there is fantastic chemistry there, they are no where near ready to be engaged. But they are a wonderful couple.

Complications with the case, however, keep the two would be lovers apart, while Thomas struggles to not only solve the case but get back to Cynthia before she returns to the mainland.

Will Thomas be able to sort out the case for Andrea? Will Thomas have time for Cynthia, and will they have a shot at a real relationship?

Until next time, Aloha!

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