Magnum, p.i. (1986) – Death of the Flowers and Autumn Warrior


It’s that time of week again!

First up this week is Death of the Flowers which originally aired 10 December, 1986, and was written by Mary Ann Kasica and Micheal Scheff. While Rick (Larry Manetti) plans a birthday for Ice Pick (Elisha Cook Jr.), Thomas (Tom Selleck) helps Carol (Kathleen Lloyd) investigate her mentor, Judge Hannibal Kearns (Michael Constantine), who may be in trouble.

We get a look back at Rick’s life, beginning with the death of his parents and his first introduction to Ice Pick, who has looked after Rick, on and off since then, and that is why the birthday is so important to him.

While on stakeout, Magnum reads some Raymond Chandler. He and Carol are following Judge Kearns to find out what is going on with him, there seems to be a change in his personality and rulings of late, and Carol thinks there may be something going on with him.

When Kearns ends up dead, their suspicions are confirmed, but all too late. Now Thomas has to dig into the mystery of the man’s death, which Lt. Tanaka (Kwan Hi Lim) believes is suicide.

Magnum enlists Higgins’ (John Hillerman) help, as the evidence leads to a flower shop, and Thomas needs a distraction. The flower shop is run by the only woman Ice Pick says that he ever loved, Grace Chang (Pat Li), and she may be as deeply involved in criminal activities as he is, in fact she may be running a front for him.

Is Ice Pick innocent this time? Will the true murderer be caught? and what about Ice Pick’s birthday?


Autumn Warrior was penned by Jay Huguely and had an airdate of 17 December, 1986. Higgins takes a trio of boys, temporarily released from juvie, on a survivalist weekend.

We get a flashback with Higgins (played by Bernie Pock) as he regales Thomas with yet another tale as the episode opens.  Thomas is eager for him to get underway, because he has a relaxing weekend planned, including a party, around the estate while he’s away.

The three boys, Moki (Warren Fabro), Clint (Reginald T. Dorsey) and Doug (Peter Kowanko) aren’t the best of friends, and in some cases barely tolerate one another, things start to go a little sideways when Higgins sustains a head injury, and an ‘accident’ takes the life of the boys’ chaperon, Haynes (Dennis Haskins). The three boys are now hunting Higgins, and the major domo has to fight them and nature to survive.

When Thomas gets a call from Robin Masters saying that he needs the Estate, Thomas tries to get in touch with Higgins, but there’s no response.

Using the Island Hoppers chopper, T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) and Magnum race to the remote location Higgins is supposed to be, only to discover the boys trying to hunt Higgins down and trying to escape the law.

Will Higgins be able to outwit, outmaneuver and recapture the boys? And will Rick get the party cleared out before Robin or Higgins gets back to the Estate?

A fun episode that lets Higgins take center stage for awhile.

Until next week, aloha!

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