Batman: The Animated Series (1992) – Night of the Ninja, The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne and Tyger, Tyger


Bad things continue to be afoot this week in Gotham City, and it’s up to the Dark Knight, Batman (Kevin Conroy) to serve justice.

Fist up is Night of the Ninja, which aired, 26 October, 1992. Bruce Wayne is being stalked by a ninja, Kyodai Ken (Robert Ito), who is also a former student of the sensei (Chao Li Chi) Bruce trained under.

We get to see Dick (Loren Lester) doing some training with Bruce before Wayne gets called into Wayne Enterprises due to a theft there, and upon seeing the evidence, the Caped Crusader begins to suspect what is going on, and revenge is the order of the day.

The story is solid, but this is one time that the animation doesn’t do justice to the fight sequences, it does however, have some nice moments with Robin, especially after saving Bats life, during the first confrontation with the ninja.

He also tries to come to Bruce’s assistance, on his Bat-bike, after the millionaire and reporter Summer Gleeson (Mari Devon) are captured by Kyodai.

We also get flashbacks to Bruce’s training when he first left Gotham, travelling with Alfred (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) to Japan for his training.

But will Bruce be able to defeat Kyodai once and for all? Or will the ninja escape to return and taunt him another day?


The Strange Secret of Brice Wayne which aired 29 October, 1992, sees the appearance of Dr. Hugo Strange (Ray Buktencia) who is probing the depths of Batman’s mind to learn his secret identity and plans to auction it off to the highest bidder!

It seems Strange, and his thugs are blackmailing a number of Gotham’s citizens with their darkest secrets, it seems Strange is working out of a resort and spa, recording their innermost secrets there.

Strange digs into Bruce’s psyche, and discovers he is Batman. From there, he starts shopping around the idea of the auction to Batman’s rogues gallery, the Joker (Mark Hamill), Two-Face (Richard Moll)and the Penguin (Paul Williams).

The trio decide to pool their resources, and Strange is moments away from the revelation, but Bruce has been doing some work of his own, and turns the tables on Strange, causing the Doctor to fall foul of the trio.

Will Bats be able to stop the villains, save Strange and his secret?

This one is a fairly basic episode, but the villains together make for some pretty entertaining moments, and getting a fast one over on Strange works nicely as well.


The final episode this week, Tyger, Tiger aired on 30 October, 1992, and has a bit of an Island of Dr. Moreau feel to it.

Selina Kyle (Adrienne Barbeau) aka Catwoman is captured and transformed by a mad scientist, Emile Dorian (Joseph Maher) who transforms her into a literal cat-woman.

Bruce gets involved when Selina doesn’t show for a dinner date, and learns that she was carried off by an ape-looking creature. Suspecting she is in danger, Batman tries to track her down. He turns to help from Dr. Kirk Langstrom (Marc Singer), who sends the Caped Crusader in the right direction.

Once on the island, it seems that one of the Doctor’s previous experiments, Tygrus (Jim Cummings) has his eye on Selina as a mate, and Dorian plays to him, telling the beast that if he kills Batman nothing will stand in his way.

The two confront one another all over the island, with Batman trying to get through to the creature and perhaps at the last moment he does, as the pair confront Dorian and hope to reclaim the cure to transform Selina back to her human-self.

Batman saves the day again, and the cure does it’s work!


See you next week, same Bat-Channel, same Bat-Time!


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