Magnum, p.i. (1986) – Way of the Stalking Horse and Find Me a Rainbow


Way of the Stalking Horse, which aired 20 February, 1986, and was written by Bruce Cervi, sees Thomas (Tom Selleck), taking on a case from a man, Dan Wolf (Morgan Steven) from the mainland, to find his father, whom he has not seen in twenty years.

But when he digs into the case, and attempts to find Theo Wolf (Clu Gulager), he may end up leading a hitman right to his target.

There’s some fun stuff at the beginning of the episode with Magnum, Rick (Larry Manetti) and T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) are having some batting practice, but that causes some problems on the estate. Dan arrives just as Higgins (John Hillerman) is losing is cool.

Thomas takes the case, one that seems pretty easily resolved, he finds Theo’s wife, Kim (Mie Hunt) and from there finds Theo. And that’s when everything goes sideways.  Both Magnum and Theo get shot by the man claiming to be Dan.

While he’s under and being operated on, he dreams of all of his friends, including Carol (Kathleen Lloyd), and he makes a slow recovery, before diving back into the case, and trying to track down ‘Dan.’

He’s helped out with some information from Ice Pick (Elisha Cook Jr.), and aided by a young woman, Mary Elizabeth (Marta Kober). But will Magnum be able to stop ‘Dan’ before he leaves the island?

This one is a good one, I love how the episode plays out, how we see Thomas recovering in the hospital, and not quickly either, and then continuing his hunt when he should still be laid up in bed.

Good stuff.


Find Me a Rainbow, screened for the first time on 13 March, 1986 and was written by Jill Donner. A young, wealthy woman, Lydia McCarthy (Julia Montgomery), wants to hire Magnum to track down a former family chauffeur, Donald Burns (Kip Gilman), whom she says stole a valuable string of pearls.

There’s a lot of humor running through this episode, including a moment at a high class party that Thomas is attending, much to Higgins’ shock, and a couple of rich children putting caviar on their hot dogs.

At the party, Thomas learns from Lolly (Stella Stevens) what may have actually have happened between Lydia and Donald, and Thomas ready to quit right away, because she lied to him. She claims Donald stole their son, Jesse and she wants him back.

And she has not only lied about that, but other things as well. But Thomas still tries to hunt down Burns. Donald tells a good story that sounds like he’s completely innocent of everything, and it’s all in Lydia’s head.

Who is really telling the truth, and who is lying? Thomas is going to see this one through to the end… and it’s an emotional ride as things get revealed. Another great episode!

Until next time, Aloha!





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