The A-Team (1984) – Pure-Dee Poison and It’s a Desert Out There


I hate to say it, seeing as I’m not quite through season 2 yet, with three seasons to go, but it’s slowly getting tougher to get through these episodes. Following the formula is one thing, but wow…

Anyway, first up this week is Pure-Dee Poison. This episode was written by Chris Bunch and Allan Cole, with an original airdate of 31 January, 1984.

An army padre and old friend of Face’s (Dirk Benedict), Reverend Taylor (John Amos) reaches out to Hannibal (George Peppard) and the team, when a man named Charles Drew (Bo Hopkins) causes trouble in his county.

It seems Drew is brewing and distributing illegal moonshine (Really?! was my first reaction) that has killed 13 people in the county, and blinded others (ok, I’ll let you have this one, but it still seems like you’re reaching). The team agrees to help, and of course action ensues.

Face and Murdock (Dwight Schultz) pose as friend and patient at a dentist’s office to steal some nitrous to soup up the van to overtake the baddies delivery vehicles, and B.A. (Mr. T) gets a bit of a suggestion of romance with the rev’s daughter, Stephanie (Tracy Reed).

As a side note, I was really unsure about the neckerchief Hannibal was sporting this week…

Anyway, they plant a camera on one of the Drew’s vehicles to learn where their outpost is and then plan an assault accordingly, which, of course, doesn’t go as planned, sees the team captured, and locked in a barn, conveniently filled with everything they need to make a plan come together…


It’s a Desert Out There aired on 7 February, 1984, and was penned by Bruce Cervi.

The team goes undercover at a casino when a gang known as the Scorpions begins causing some problems for them. They are robbing clients with their armored go-carts, and they may very well have someone on the inside feeding them information.

With some help from and research by Tawnia (Marla Heasley) the boys learn that all of this is practice, and financing for a plan that centers on their former leader, Driscoll (Robert Dryer). And when they learn what is really going on, the team puts their own plan into action to take on the baddies, with the help one of the casino’s pit bosses, Lila (Jeannie Wilson), who has her own connection to Driscoll.

It was cool to see familiar face Anthony James, as Flagg, the primary villain. This guy was everywhere back in the day, and was always a bad guy!

This one was ok, but like I said at the top of the post, the series is not only formulaic, but downright repetitive, which is too bad, because with their usually fairly solid guest cast, and the strong writers, they could have been doing so much more with the series than what has happened in it so far.

Let’s see what happens next week shall we?




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