Magnum, p.i. (1985) – Deja Vu


Season 6 of Magnum, p.i, gets underway with this two-hour opener, that sees Thomas (Tom Selleck) and Higgins (John Hillerman) travelling to England to oversee the staffing and opening of Robin Masters’ recently purchased castle, which he’s promptly named, Robin’s Keep.

Deja Vu was written by Bellisaro and Chris Abbott and had an airdate of 26 September, 1985. The epsiode also includes a fairly impressive guest cast including, Doctor Who’s 5th regeneration, Peter Davison, Francesca Annis, and perennial baddie, Julian Glover.

During the flight over from Hawaii, Thomas has some strange and troubling dreams. Dreams, that may in fact reflect what he’s about to encounter, and perhaps lead him into trouble…

Upon arrival, they find that Robin’s Keep’s would-be major domo, Ian MacKerras (Davison), seems ill-prepared for the job, so he and Higgins need to settle down, interview staff, while combatting tales of ghosts haunting the castle, and prepare for Masters’ (again voiced by Orson Welles) arrival.

Realizing he has some free time, Thomas heads into London, to see an old Vietnam buddy, Geoffrey, who always suggested that he had some psychic powers. But when he arrives at his friend’s house, he discovers Geoffrey’s wife, Penelope (Annis) has just received word of his death, in a method that bears an uncanny resemblance to Magnum’s dream… Did his friend think his last moments to Magnum? And what happens when evidence suggests murder?

As Thomas begins to look into Geoffrey’s death, he discovers secrets best kept hidden, as well as a possible blossoming romance with his widow.


While Thomas investigates, with the help of Duncan Scott (Glover), Higgins debates about whether or not to go see his father (also Hillerman), and family… whom he hasn’t seen in 40 years, since his expulsion from Sandhurst.

There are some lighter moments interspersed throughout this fairly serious episode, provided by Rick (Larry Manetti), who arrives in the UK shortly after Thomas and Higgins with the desire to ‘help’ them out, but promptly gets spooked by Ian, who tells tales of a lord murdered in his bed, and now haunts the room Rick is to stay in.

T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) however, ends up in Morocco, and is furious, until he meets an amazing woman, and spends a fabulous night in her company.

The further Thomas digs, the more he finds out that perhaps his friend hasn’t changed at all since the war, he may have still been doing we work, and maybe not everything is as it appears to be.

Thomas, while starting to fear that he may actually be channeling his dead friend, investigates, he discovers a dangerous plot, one that would have ruined his marriage, and possibly started a war, if not a high-caliber international incident!

Next week everyone is back on the island… until then, Aloha!



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