Magnum, p.i. (1985) -Torah, Torah, Torah and A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken


We hit the final episodes of season 5 this week! 5 Seasons already!!

First up is Torah, Torah, Torah which was written by Martin Sage and Sybil Adelman. It had an original airdate of 28 March, 1985.

T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) is working on some Bayou Blaster Chili at Magnum’s (Tom Selleck) place when Higgins (John Hillerman) comes in to ask for Thomas’ help. He needs the private investigator to pick up an old friend, rabbi Asher Solomon (Nehemiah Persoff) at the airport.

On the way back to the estate, the pair are ambushed, totaling the Ferrari (again) and the newly recovered Torah, thought lost in Shanghai during the war, has been stolen from him.

Higgins, of course, blames Thomas, but the rabbi, does his best to smooth things over. Solomon and Thomas are great together, they’ve got a nice chemistry, and it’s fun to watch them play Tanaka (Kwan Hi Lim), when he gets involved.

As the mystery expands, we learn there are stolen rubies, murders, and the threat of an international incident…

This was a fun episode, and moved right along, there were laughs, and lots of good moments, and does nothing but show that the writing for the show has continued to evolve and that the characters continue to be front and center where they belong.

Wow, do I love this show. Though it was interesting to see a sequence where all of the characters are coming out of a tunnel, that could only be at one place (Diamond head) so I don’t know what all of them were doing, as its implied Magnum and the Rabbi are being followed. But the only thing on the other side of that tunnel was a parking lot. I laughed.


The final episode of the season, A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken, was written by Jay Huguely, Joe Gores and Anthony Pellicano, and was broadcast on 4 April, 1985.

Carol (Kathleen Lloyd) comes to Thomas to ask for his help. It seems her uncle Jack (Matt Clark) is desperate to find his 17 year-old daughter, Becky (Linda Grovenor), who has been missing for the past two months.

Thomas agrees to look into it, and follows a trail over the island, that leads to a dancing messenger service, where she was working as a dancing chicken. But things turn darker, when Magnum learns her boyfriend may be working on a prison farm.

Going undercover, Thomas ends up on the farm, but finds himself in trouble when one of the inmates recognizes him…

He’s not sure if he’ll find Becky alive, and also discovers a gun-smuggling ring that could be at the center of her disappearance.

He may be able to piece it all together, and tie up all the loose ends, if he can get out of prison alive.

And just like that the season is over, and we’re on to season 6 next week! WOW!






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