Magnum, p.i. (1984/1985) – Kiss of the Sabre and Little Games


We start out with something really fun this week, with this episode, Kiss of the Sabre, written by Jay Huguely with an original air date of 13 December, 1984.

Magnum (Tom Selleck) is being seriously put-upon by author Betty Windom (Cassie Yates) who has been given leave to stay at the estate by Robin Masters, and she’s made herself quite to home, using the Ferrari, and now, moving into the guest house, ousting Thomas.

But things get very entertaining when Betty tries to help out on an insurance case that Thomas is working on, and get even funnier when we get to see what is going on inside the book she’s writing. She’s based everyone in it off of Magnum, Rick (Larry Manetti), T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) and Higgins (John Hillerman), and these bits play like some terribly cheesy super-spy/detective rip off, with Thomas as Sebastian Sabre, globetrotting playboy, man of action, class and hero.

The further Thomas works on the case though, the more he comes to believe, despite not wanting to, that Betty may be right about something more going on…

It was very fun to see Paul Gleason pop up in both Hawaii and in Betty’s story, I always delight when I see someone like Paul pop up in cool places!

This one has a lot of fun to it, and balances the fictional world of Sabre and Thomas’ investigation nicely, making for a lot of laughs, and some wonderful moments.

It’s episodes like this that illustrate once again why I love this show. It’s established at this point, so the series can have some serious fun with itself.


Little Games proves to be a little different but has two wonderful guest stars, the lovely Jenny Agutter and the Joker himself Cesar Romero, it also sees Jeff MacKay back as Jim Bonnick. This episode was written by Deborah Pratt and aired 3 January, 1985.

It’s time for the Annual Robin Masters jewelry design competition. There will be over $170 million dollars of uniquely designed pieces on hand at the estate, making it a prime target for theft, so the estate is infiltrated by Krista Villeroch to test the estate’s security system.

Unfortunately, Thomas crashed the computer playing a video game, and the estate is now in danger of losing the possibility of hosting the event.

Thomas challenges Krista to try it again, and it’s obvious from the start that there is a nice chemistry developing between the two. As the relationship grows it’s very obvious to see that the two of them are beginning to care for one another, but when Thomas learns one of her deep secrets, her father was a famous jewel thief, he has to wonder if she can be completely trusted.

What if she and her father, Doc (Romero), are working together to steal the jewelry?

There’s also a fun in-joke that one of the security guards, in the opening sequence where Krista is testing the alarm system of a bank, is reading a Robin Masters novel, Tales of the Voyeur.

Until next time Aloha!









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