The A-Team (1983) – One More Time and Till Death Do Us Part


One More Time, written by Frank Lupo and Patrick Hasburgh from a story by Babs Greyhosky, with an airdate of 12 April 1983, sees Colonel Lynch (William Lucking) finally catching up with Hannibal (George Peppard), Face (Dirk Benedict) and B.A. (Mr. T) on the set of Hannibal’s latest acting gig.

After a motorbike chase, which features Hannibal in drag, the trio get grabbed, but, things are possibly looking up. They are offered a one time deal, go into Guatemala, a hands-off country for the U.S., and rescue a former CO, General Ludlam (Warren J. Kemmerling) and his daughter, Kathy (Amy Steel) from a tyrannical leader, Rashaad (Nico Minardos) and on their return to the States they will be given a 24 hour head start on their escape.

Amy (Melinda Culea) contacts Murdock (Dwight Schultz) at the VA hospital, and he organizes his own escape this time, much to the chagrin of his orderly (Dennis Haysbert). Together the two set off after the team, following them to Guatemala, seemingly one step behind the rest of the team the whole way.

Unfortunately, the intelligence the military has provided Hannibal with is wrong, and their rescue attempt goes sideways and sees them caught, and sentenced to be executed. It’s a good thing Hannibal has a plan, however, and they come up with a bit of an escape plan, that is helped by a perfectly timed flare from Amy.

They escape together, commandeering a helicopter, meaning B.A. needs to be rendered unconscious (again) and upon their return to the States, they are allowed to make their getaway. Much to Lynch’s deep anger.


In Til Death Do Us Part, Face ends up tying the knot! This episode was penned by Lupo and Greyhosky and aired on 19 April 1983.

It seems a lovely Texan heiress, Jackie (Janice Heiden) is being forced to marry against her will, and one of her friends reaches out to the A-Team to help.

Posing as a catering company, they infiltrate the wedding. It seems Jackie is destined to marry her father’s former partner, Calvin Cutter (John Ericson), but all he really wants is to get his hands on Jackie’s company, which she completely controls following her father’s death.

She also believes that Cutter may have actually murdered her father. So the team has to get in, rescue Jackie, get her out, and possibly recover the evidence of a murder. Unfortunately, Cutter controls the entire county, from the police right on down…

So they come up with a plan to control the company… marry Face off to Jackie, and offer Cutter a deal, of sorts…

This one was a fun one, and something I never noticed as a kid, but absolutely delighted in when I saw it this time around, is the in-joke of including Hamburger Heaven, and mentioning their mascot, the superhero, Captain Bellybuster, in the show. This was a callback to a Greatest American Hero episode… which with this, proves that both shows take place in the same reality….

Maybe that’s why no one ever gets really hurt in those car crashes…



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