The Anomaly (2014) – Noel Clarke 


Releasing from Anchor Bay, available on both DVD and Blu-ray today is this sci-fi actioner written by Simon Lewis, and directed and starring Doctor Who’s Noel Clarke. It’s an interesting concept, and for the most part, fairly well executed, so kudos to Clarke for that.

Clarke plays Ryan, an ex-soldier, who when he was recovering from a terrible tragedy, and suffering from PTSD, went to see Dr. Langham (Brian Cox) , in the hopes of finding some peace and semblance of a normal life. Instead, he now finds himself blacking out for days, weeks, even months, before regaining his self-awareness, but suffering amnesia over what he’s missed, for a short window, 9 minutes and 47 seconds, before he plunges into darkness again.

He gets caught up fairly quickly in something he doesn’t quite understand, as he rescues, and then promptly loses a young boy, Alex (Art Parkinson), and finds himself at odds with his partner, and Langham’s son, Harkin (Ian Somerhalder). When he’s under, he works with Harkin, cruelly and viciously, delighting in his work, and when he resurfaces, he tries to find a way to stop Harkin, and whatever he has planned, which he pieces together slowly, through each reawakening.


One of these resurfaces, finds him with the very lovely Dana (Alexis Knapp – Pitch Perfect), the two connect, during his brief revival, and Ryan finds himself an ally in this strange world that he only seems to get glimpses of. And is what he learns and discovers enough to be able to put a stop to whatever plan the Langhams and their company LSR seem to be developing, a plan that Ryan himself may be a part of.

Underneath the surface of this fairly straightforward actioner are some big ideas, and they may even cause some healthy debate, almost as much so as the Doctor Who references, subtle, and planned or not (that’s open to debate), but they are there. From the picture Ryan has of his wife, it’s a picture of him and Freema Agyeman who played Martha Jones, and ends up with Clarke’s character Mickey in a parallel Earth… and speaking of parallel Earths, this one doesn’t not resemble the one Mickey found himself ending up in…

And then there’s Somerhalder’s Harkin… Decked out in a bow tie (bow ties are cool!), but to have him in an outfit not quite unlike the Doctor’s as he stars opposite an Who alumnus, of course, comparisons are going to be drawn… But what is that saying about the character of the Doctor if he’s viewed as the baddie… (and admittedly Harkin’s plan is rather evil, more Davros than Time Lord).

This one was an interesting exercise, and while I didn’t care for all the action beats Clarke created, some of the moments, and fight sequences were great, and the casting is pretty damned good as well.

So, take a look at this one, available from Anchor Bay today, and let me know what you think!






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